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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Blame it on the Rain

News Channel 2 WKRN, otherwise known as my local news outlet of choice, airs the weather forecast at exactly 18 minutes after the hour. That would be 4:18 a.m., 5:18 a.m., 6:18 a.m., 4:18 p.m., 5:18 p.m, and 10:18 p.m. Those clever broadcasters suck me in the first 18 minutes, knowing full well that I'll stick around until I get my daily dose of meteorology...or maybe just a portion. Admittedly, I keep weather.com open on my desktop during my workday, and am constantly plugging in my home zip code and my work zip code--which are only three miles apart. It gets even worse during winter. The sheer mention of precipitation incites me to study Doppler maps and pore over hour-by-hour temperature fluctuations.

So, it should be no surprise to you that when my mood changes or my health changes, I always blame it on the weather.

Ages ago, Amanda and I kept up a friendly debate concerning air pollution and its relation to weather. I am a longtime sufferer of allergies, and was often irritated by automobile exhaust and pollen, mold and ragweed during very hot summer months. When I would complain about my discomfort and congestion, Amanda would roll her eyes and tell me that air quality alerts were a big government conspiracy.

Fast forward to autumn 2008, and I begin to suffer from major allergy problems. I battled a 2-week long sinus infection, and was prompted to purchase a warm-mist humidifier to use while sleeping at night. I won't get into how much that little bubbler (which we've lovingly nicknamed "Uma") has revolutionalized my life. But I will say that during this dry early fall we've had so far, any artificial humidity is welcome in my bedroom.

Anyway, I haven't felt great lately. I typically don't feel well on the brink of autumn because of my allergies, and to contribute, I've been in a heinous mood for the past month. And as a result, I've been quick to place responsibility on the weather:

"I've got a headache. It must be the weather."

"I'm lethargic and sad. I think it's the weather."

"I've got achy hands. The weather must be triggering early onset arthritis."

"My tried-and-true tiramisu fell and never set. It must be the weather."

After saying it enough, my roommates began to catch on and took great delight in making fun of me. Laugh they will, but they know I'm right. Afterall, haven't we referred to ailment and illness as "under the weather" for more than a century now?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Chicago Cubs: Debate '08

Let it load, then watch from the 3:35 mark...

Monday, October 6, 2008

What are little girls made of?

It happened again tonight... Someone said to me, "you're so sweet."

"No, I'm not," I replied. "Sassy, maybe, but definitely not sweet."

I know lots of "sweet" girls. I'm going to name some:

--Katie Greer, one of the kindest souls I am privileged to know.
--Hadley Doolittle, so polite and well-mannered.
--Natalie Wier, gives the best hugs.
--Paige Watson, my new friend and a girl in my Bible Study.
--Amanda's friend Ellen, who just got married, so I don't know her last name.
--Lindsay Beals, Courtney's friend and now mine.
--Arica Colley, my new roommate.

I, however, am not sweet. I will laugh at you to your face, make fun of you, steal the last cookie, hog the remote, so on and so forth.

I'm curious.... Who else out there thinks I'm sweet? If you lean more toward "sweet" than "sassy," obviously I have you snowed. But I'd still like to know. So, please, weigh in.

Friday, October 3, 2008

My Cup o' Tea

My mood is light. It's exceptionally quiet in the office right now. I'm listening to my Ben Harper station on Pandora and it's broadcasting the soothing sounds of Eagle Eye Cherry, Nick Drake, Brett Dennen, Amos Lee and Bob Marley.

Today has been refreshing, considering the underlying theme of my September. And two miserably embarrassing Cubs losses and a very large car-sized dent in the Cubmobile this week haven't added to my fun. It hasn't been a good week for the aformentioned Cubs.

This morning I indulged in a little retail therapy. We had our company craft fair, and I bought several pieces of handmade jewelry at amazingly low prices. My favorite find is a chain link necklace with three miniature antique keys and a few crystalline baubles dangling at the end. When I tried it on, I felt feminine and pretty.

I had lunch today with my new friend, Paige. We dined al fresco at Panera over flavorful soup and toasty sandwiches. It was so nice to learn more about her. For a few moments today, I had flashbacks of Paris in May. Maybe it's the crisp, breezy weather, or the umbrellas on Panera's patio? I feel like there's romance in the air.

Tonight, my plans are a glass of wine, nail polish, laundry and an America's Next Top Model rerun that I missed earlier in the week. Ahhhh, the exciting life of a twentysomething singleton... Early tomorrow, I hit the road for Atlanta, to get my dear friend Grace married off. It's soon to be eight down, two to go, among the Menagerie.

It's a little after three...I think I'll take afternoon tea. Salutations!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy October!

Today marks the first day of my favorite month of the year! I love October and everything about it---the leaves, the cool weather, the sports, the possibilities of autumn romance... It puts me in a fabulous mood.

In celebration, I broke my "Serious Brown" mug out of summer hibernation, and now I'm enjoying a cup of organic Irish Breakfast tea imported from Seattle by Amykins. My soundtrack is "A Fine Frenzy." I will enjoy lunch by myself today outside at Centennial Park because all of my downtown lunch buddies are busy. Don't they know it's the first day of October and it's sunny with a high of 70?!?! It's crisp, people, crisp!

Tonight is the first National League Division Series game where the Cubbies will take on the Dodgers at Wrigley. I'm going to be in art class from six to nine tonight, so all of you feel free to text me and keep me posted on the score.

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