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Monday, November 24, 2008

Road Weary

Last week, I spent six out of seven days on the road. That's why you've been greeted with Usher by way of animatronics lately.

Two Thursdays ago, I drove to Chattanooga to film a television commercial, pimping the hottest gifts at L-Way this year. I was the on-air talent. The video is floating around out there on the internet. I'm not telling you where, so if you can find it, you deserve to delight in my trainwreck. The highlight of the day, was of course, my Mom's company. It was a quick trip, spending most of the time in the car, but she certainly made the long day worth it. She was my biggest cheerleader, my hair and makeup, and even provided for some much needed comic relief.

The next day, I left for Knoxville to spend a weekend with Ben & Brittany in their new house. By this time, the weather became quite chilly, and I had to wait until Cookeville to find a Starbucks. I needed a London Fog fix desperately. It took me a long time to get to Knoxville because of all of the fog (not to be confused with that of my beverage) on the mountain. But, I finally made it and settled into the new Brown homestead for the weekend.

Ben & Britt treated me to a really nice time. Brittany and I got pedicures on Saturday morning, and then we went to look at dogs, as they're thinking of adopting. Saturday night, the three of us shopped downtown a bit and then ate dinner at Sapphire. Sunday morning, it spat snow on us as we went to church. Later, I left town to make a quick trip to Amy & Nathan's new home in Lenoir City, where I got to hug Eva the Diva's one-year-old neck. It's amazing what a little love from the five-and-under crowd will do for a single girl's psyche.

On the way back to Nashville late that afternoon, the sun was setting around the mountains full of gloriously colorful trees. I was blown away at the beauty. I just kept saying "majesty" over and over again. There was no other word to describe the glory. I was reminded that everything of beauty comes from the Lord, and how much Satan hates beauty.

By Tuesday afternoon, I was in Huntsville on a store set-up for a relocation. We worked our asses off for more than 20 of 26 hours and I was exhausted when I got home at midnight. Needless to say, I was slightly cranky the next morning at work, and recurring drama with a handful of store managers didn't help. I'd had all I could take by about five o'clock, and failed to make it out the door before I shed a tear (or three) in front of my boss. Now the gig is up. I compromised my tough shell and showed a bit of weakness at work...not good. I've never cried in front of a boss before. It's soooo unprofessional. Damn.

This weekend was a bit of rehab for me though, and my roommates forced me to embrace the Christmas spirit a week before Thanksgiving. In a few short hours, we put up three trees, and by noon, I was singing along to Elvis' Blue Christmas.

I'm moving into the holiday season earlier this year. I'm 75 percent done with my christmas shopping, and its not even December yet. And I've been making daily trips to Apple.com to eye the pretty iPods. Santa (a.k.a. yours truly) is giving me one this year. I've been a good girl. And I'm already addicted to iTunes. It's like crack. Give me more. I'm officially the last person of Gen X to embrace the digital revolution...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I wanna make love in ShowBiz

Before Chuck E. Cheese, there was ShowBiz Pizza. If you don't wet your pants in laugher at this video, then you probably aren't a child of the 80s.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Smart Women Vote

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Show Must Go On

It's been almost two weeks since I blogged, mainly because I haven't been able to put into words the emotions I'm experiencing right now. I know I won't do it justice, but I feel like I've got to at least try.

For the past couple of months, I have been dealing with a pretty major bout of depression. I say "major bout," but it's probably a "minor bout" comparatively. I'm not really one that does sadness well. I find that it generally doesn't suit me. But this outfit has been a little more difficult to shake.

I can't/don't want to/will not go into how, or what, or why.... Things are just really hard right now. And, my relationship with God has never been more alive. I have seen more movement in my prayer life, my thirst for the Word, and awareness of the Holy Spirit in the past two months than the past two years. So while I feel the strength to take that next step, I am clinging to Him in the dark.

The show, as always, must go on, and the past month has been busy. I was privileged to witness one of my dear sorority sisters get hitched. I spent a day at the Frist Center and admired an amazing exhibit on the history of photography. The same day, I saw Rodin's finest, but realized that only Paris does it justice. I enjoyed a gourmet hot dog at a hot dog stand in East Nashville, and dog-watched with Siebe and Aubree. I spent a Sunday afternoon with an old friend and her new baby, and watched our friendship begin to mend. I was able to express my warm feelings for someone on their birthday, but didn't cross a boundary line I'd set for myself. I continued to spend three hours each Wednesday night in art class, and tune out everything but the colors and the sound of the brush on my paper. I weathered insensitive, but oblivious, behavior from some of my married/parenting friends, and am using it for fodder for the book I'm writing instead of fostering bitterness. I traveled to the wilderness with six women I admire greatly, and was so humbled to realize God has created an Acts 2:42-47 Bible Study. A friend shared a revelation from God, and I feel privileged to watch the "cosmic secret" unfold. I got my second sinus infection of the season, and actually took days off work to recover. I was blessed by my brother and sister-in-law with an early Christmas present. I was able to express love to a friend that needs love. I went home for a long weekend and relished the attention from Mom, Dad, and Stella.

And right now, I'm patiently, faithfully waiting for Act Two.

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