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Monday, August 16, 2010

Write Night, Numero Uno

{Insert feeble, prosaic comment here regarding my lack of writing in the past month-and-a-half.}  *Ahem.*

Several weeks ago, Mom asked me near the end of a phone conversation, "so, when are you going to start blogging again?"  I responded how every normal adult would respond:  I burst into tears.  I desperately want to put my thoughts and experiences down on paper, or at least punch them into cyberspace, but my writing always seems to fall by the wayside.  Sometimes, it's just the easiest thing to put-off when I get busy.  I'm determined to change this, although, I know you've been hearing this from me throughout the past year. 

I've decided that Monday nights will be my "Write Nights."  I normally leave work at four on Monday, pick-up Danielle (the girl I mentor at the CWJC), grab a bite to eat with her, and then drop her off at school.  From 5:30 on, I'm pretty much free.  I've been filling this extra time with grocery shopping, coffee with friends, special errands, and sometimes, an early bedtime.  But, I'm hoping to get back in the habit of pursuing my favorite pastime. 

Anyway, I haven't exactly been sitting around on my tokus...I'm a busy gal.  I enjoy being busy, especially when it's characterized by friends and family.  Here's a bit of a 42-day recap:

In mid-July, Mom and I took a long weekend road trip to Atlanta.  I'm finally at the age where I can really appreciate my Mom not only as my "Mom," but also my best friend.  I love-love-love being with her, and traveling with her.  We didn't have any real reason to go to Atlanta, but it was still a good excuse to stay in a nice hotel, lay by the pool, shop, eat good food, and giggle a lot.  We embarked upon downtown Atlanta for our very first visit to IKEA, and while I didn't buy much, I was thrilled by the cheap wares. 

A weekend later, I hit the road for East Tennessee to visit one of my best college friends, Amy, her husband, Nathan, and her two sweet bebes, Eva and Reed.  Another one of my best college friends, Ashley, also rode in for the weekend and we boated, waterskied, swam in the pool, drank some good wine, and laughed a lot.  I already miss them....especially Eva and Reed.  It's always nice to hear little babes laugh, call out your name, and give you lots of hugs and kisses.  It's food for a single gal's soul.

A weekend later, my old roommate and dear friend, Emily, returned from Paris for a little stateside vacay.  We spent a humid Friday evening inside the chilled Frist Center for the Arts.  The main exhibit is "The Golden Age of Couture," an exhibit that features post-WWII fashions from the houses of Dior, Balenciaga, Givenchy, Balmain, and others.  In addition to the dresses, the heels, the hats, and the accessories, there was also a collection of fashion photography by Richard Avedon.  Beyond the main exhibit, the Frist featured a blown glass presentation by Dale Chihuly.  The large glass installations are amazingly beautiful, in and of themselves, but it isn't until you see the documentary that you really begin to understand how much sweat and labor is poured into each piece.  It was a very nice bonus to end our Frist visit.  After leaving the museum, we were en route to Miyako for sushi, when we practically ran over the Blidge.  I cannot elaborate on that...it's too politically incorrect.  But let's just say that both of us were screaming with laughter.

I don't know how hot it's been where you are, dear reader, but it's been pretty damn hot here.  And by hot, I mean oven hot.  It was one of these impossibly Sunday afternoons that we celebrated my friend, Joe Hendricks 35th birthday.  Here's a picture of Amanda, Amy and I from the party.  I think we look cute.

In early-August, Hadley and I packed up the car after work on a Thursday evening and set out for Mobile, Alabama.  My sweet friend, Katie, got married on August 7, and the wedding weekend was full of fun and festivities.  At Katie and Gary's baseball-themed rehearsal dinner, we played wiffle ball, and it was so dadgum fun.  The weekend was characterized by quite a bit of laughter.  When we were setting up the reception hall on Friday, Tyson (another one of Katie's bridesmaids) noticed that the DJ station was positioned in an interesting location:  "Is the DJ going to play Baby-Got-Back underneath the crucifix?"  Other memorable moments included the beehive positioned on our heads for the ceremony.  Donna, the hairdresser, teased my hair higher than Snoop Dogg.  I couldn't help but break out into song and dance, a la The Supremes.  Even with our southern bouffants, we still looked right purty. 

My Bible study ended our "summer siesta" of weekly coffee-dates, and began a Deeper Still Bible study with Priscilla Shirer, Beth Moore, and Kay Arthur called "Anointed, Transformed, and Redeemed."  The study examines the life of David from three unique viewpoints. I'm super-excited that my girls are enjoying it so much.

This past weekend, I spent Saturday with the parentals, and we went to East Nashville's TomatoArt Fest.  I'd never been before, and I was anticipating a small grouping of booths.  I was wrong, and pleasantly wrong at that.  Rows and rows of booths stretched down the arms of Five Points, featuring local artisans, antiques, delightful junk-wares, unique food vendors, all with an emphasis on the "tomato."  Throw in some local musical talent and it was a delightful time.  We lunched at one of my favorite Nashville establishments, The Dog.  I love introducing my parents to new local restaurants, even more so when they like it as much as I do.

Late last week, my good friend Molly and I booked a cruise to Key West and Cozumel for an extended Labor Day weekend.  This will be my first cruise experience, and I'm excited to see what the hype is all about.  We're flying to Ft. Lauderdale first class, thanks to Molly's sweet uncle.  I've never flown first class either.  It's going to be a time of lots of firsts.  We're in the midst of planning what to do while we're there.  I may have to drag Molly along, but I aim to visit ol' Ernie Hemingway's home, and pet a few of his polydactyl cats.  Yep, I like cats.  So sue me, all you cat haters.  Anyway, we hope to spend lots of time in a pool chair, on the beach, or tossing back some much deserved margaritas while we're there.  I'd love some suggestions of what to do in Key West or Cozumel, or simply some helpful cruise tips. 

In between the above, my time has been filled with countless social dinners, birthday parties, afternoons at the pool, catching up with old friends, and so much more.  The past couple of months have been fabulously uplifting, and such a contrast to my second-half of April and May. 

See you again soon.  I promise.


Anonymous MOM said...

I just love you!

8:27 PM

Blogger Courtney Baker said...

I basically knew all of this, but it was still fun to read again. And with that said I'll leave you with this...


7:32 AM

Anonymous Katie said...

Let the record show that the Bride did not require you to wear your hair in a beehive! That was a choice made by your own free will! But I'm so glad that you were there!

3:47 PM

Blogger thesciencegirl said...

Loved the update! Sounds like a great summer.

Key West has good snorkeling, and Cozumel has great shopping (especially silver jewelry). As for the cruise in general, I'm sure you'll love it! What cruise line did you go with? One of my favorite parts is the dinners in the dining room every night -- such a nice excuse to pack lots of pretty dresses, and you really get to know your waitstaff by the end of the trip.

4:54 PM

Blogger Amanda Bradley said...

Love you, friend. VOV at that back shot of your hair! Glad I'm in Nashville so I can see you more often.

9:18 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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