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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Plan B

One morning a couple of weeks ago, I walked up to our front counter at work to wash my tea mug, when something caught my eye.  It was the audio version of Pete Wilson's new book, Plan B:  What do you do when God doesn't show up the way you thought He would?  One of the perks for working in the book industry are the free promotional copies.  But, I'll be honest...if it hadn't of had Pete's name on the top, I probably would've walked right past.  Several good friends of mine are involved at Crosspoint, Pete's church, and I've enjoyed hearing him speak a few times, myself.

Anyway, I kind of half-heartedly chuckled, and rolled my eyes up at God, as I picked up the audio book and returned to my desk.  My wounds from my own Plan B experience were fresh (ok, still are), and the last thing I wanted to hear was how God's plan was better than my own.  I do believe, however, that Pete's audio book was divinely placed there, especially for me...even though I wanted to chuck it against the wall (Sorry Pete, it's me, not you). 

As I'm working through this, I'm realizing that healing and uncertainty aren't necessarily mutually exclusive.  I can accept God's sovereignty, but continue to be baffled by the reasons why.  I can bear these painful scars of hurt in my body, but still manage to find joy in my soul.  I can act by the spiritual wisdom of my mind, but cry out to God from my heart.

My beloved city is currently working through its own Plan B experience.  Despite the ugly destruction and immeasurable suffering, I continue to see and hear of sacrificial love for others.  And I have faith that God can use the bad to produce good. I believe this for Nashville. I believe this for myself.


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