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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Earlier in the month, I posted my appreciation to my Dad on his birthday. My dad is a great man, but he has an amazing counterpart that contributes to his success as the leader of our family. That counterpart is my Mom. Today is her birthday. I'm thankful for her, and here's why:

My Mom always tells me she loves me. Always. She's very generous with her affection, and her hugs and kisses make my heart happy. Sometimes, I go home to visit my parents just so I can have a little cuddle-time with my Mommy. I can't ever imagine that I'll ever stop feeling like her little girl.

My Mom is the hardest working person I know. Seriously. The woman gets the job done. She's not satisfied with anything but her best, and will put in 110% even when less would be acceptable. I won't call her a workaholic though...she's not in it for the pride of a job well done. She believes she's responsible for shaping hundreds of children every year as an elementary school Principal, and her passion for these little lives is unmatched.

My Mom has an amazing ability to plan and organize, whether it be a school fundraiser, a baby shower, a Christmas Eve Brunch, a vacation, or any other event. God gave me the spiritual gift of "administration," but He placed me underneath my Mom's example in this area to strengthen my own ability.

My Mom is an incredible Mom. When Ben and I were growing up, Mom always had a hot meal on the dinner table when Dad arrived home from work. She knew the value in a family gathering for supper each evening, and as a result, some of my most joyful times spent with my family as a whole were in our dining room. She happily fulfilled all of the traditional wifely duties, but did so while working outside the home full time. She's a Super-Mom! I'm not so sure that she ever actually slept...

My Mom made family life fun for Ben and I. In the summertime, she took us to the childrens museum, to the movies, to the pool, and so many other places. She made us fun snacks like "apple smiles," and fixed us hot chocolate to thaw us out from playing outside on a snow day. Mom played games with Ben and I, and read books to us. She wrote me notes telling me how much she loved me, and put them in my lunch box. She even joined us when we wanted to play basketball in the driveway each hot summer night. Mom was very involved in my adolescence, leading my Girl Scout troop, and becoming my Acteens church leader. My memories of childhood don't exist without her.

My Mom taught me to be an independent gal. Ben and I were responsible for chores, helping with laundry, yard work, and many other tasks that teach a child how to operate as a self-sufficient adult. She didn't wait on us hand-and-foot, thank goodness. No spoiled brats allowed in her household. This parenting philosophy paid off. I appreciate her disciplines now more than ever, as a single woman who is responsible for her own well-being.

My Mom always puts others before her self. She is incredibly self-sacrificing. I am not this way naturally, and as a result, I constantly notice this fine attribute of Mom. Mom would happily give me anything I need, even if she has to do without. It's a beautiful thing to realize this about my Mom, so I can try to give back to her like she gave to me.

My Mom and I love to laugh together. She's silly, and keeps me in stitches when I'm with her. Somehow, my Mom and I find ourselves in the craziest situations when we're together. When we get tickled at something, the laughter becomes the kind that's all movement and no sound, accompanied by tears running down our faces. She and Dad brought Ben and I up in a family with an emphasis on humor, so she's acquired some pretty thick skin from all of our relentless teasing...but don't think she can't dish it out!

My Mom is the farthest thing from high maintenance as one can get. She wants for nothing, and is satisfied with what she's been blessed. Mom is a model of thankfulness for me. Come to think of it, I don't know that I've ever even heard her complain!

My Mom is incredibly talented. The woman can make anything. She does it all. She cooks, bakes, sews, crafts, constructs. And, she does it well. She's creative, she's resourceful. She's my go-to whenever I'm stumped in the kitchen, or I need a pair of pants hemmed. If there's ever a question, my Mom has the experience that leads to the answer.

My Mom always recommended the high road, and taught me the importance of pursuing right. She did this not as a moral obligation, but as a responsibility to teach me God's way. Her "mom-isms" are still stuck with me, and my children will likely hear them someday. "Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you." "Kill 'em with kindness." "Holiness before happiness."

My Mom takes great pride in her appearance, but she's not obsessed with vanity. This was always very refreshing during my tormented teen years. I believe that so much of a girl's self-esteem and confidence is modeled by her mother. My mom taught me to see both my inside and outside beauty as defined by my Creator, not by the lies imparted by the world.

My Mom always shows interest in everything I say or do. While she already knows me inside and out, she has a constant desire to know me better. I know I can trust her. She's earned the title of my Best Friend.

Happy Birthday, Mommy! I love you!


Anonymous mom said...

I can barely type for the tears. I love you and am so proud of the young women you have become. I am proud to say you are my daughter! I love you! Mom

8:55 PM

Blogger Katie said...

Wow, Mab. What a wonderful entry! Not only did it encourage me that my boys will one day appreciate the things I do, but it also helped me to see more that I should do. Your mom is super, but then, I knew she was because she raised you. Love you!

3:54 PM


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