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Monday, October 6, 2008

What are little girls made of?

It happened again tonight... Someone said to me, "you're so sweet."

"No, I'm not," I replied. "Sassy, maybe, but definitely not sweet."

I know lots of "sweet" girls. I'm going to name some:

--Katie Greer, one of the kindest souls I am privileged to know.
--Hadley Doolittle, so polite and well-mannered.
--Natalie Wier, gives the best hugs.
--Paige Watson, my new friend and a girl in my Bible Study.
--Amanda's friend Ellen, who just got married, so I don't know her last name.
--Lindsay Beals, Courtney's friend and now mine.
--Arica Colley, my new roommate.

I, however, am not sweet. I will laugh at you to your face, make fun of you, steal the last cookie, hog the remote, so on and so forth.

I'm curious.... Who else out there thinks I'm sweet? If you lean more toward "sweet" than "sassy," obviously I have you snowed. But I'd still like to know. So, please, weigh in.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mary Anna
I was going to call you "sweetie pie" but even before this blog I decided to call you "Ruffles", I think it fits you "more better".

8:43 PM

Anonymous natalie said...

Oh definitely sassy, but not sassy is a bad way. I LOVE sassy!! If someone had to describe me in one way, I would LOVE for it to be sassy,not sweet. I'm actually kind of disappointed I made the sweet list. Sassy shows ultimate personality and an ability to keep things lively. However, you have the perfect mix of sassiness and sincerity. Sincerity has a touch of sweetness to it, so maybe that's it. Man, I should be a personality decipher-er.

9:58 AM

Blogger Rhonda said...

Yeah...you should make a "sassy friends" list LOL

12:31 PM

Anonymous Katie G said...

You're too funny and I definitely agree that you have some serious sass! I love it though...I know that I'll always get an honest answer from you about anything. Love you girl...and all your sass too!

8:49 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry sweety. The ADA already has you on their hit list. Ranked somewhere between Midori Liqueur and Sarah Palin. (PEWN! PEWN! PEWN!. . .wink)

12:32 AM


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