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Friday, September 19, 2008


My boss sent me home from work three hours early today. I think he was concerned that I would finally flip my lid after the two weeks I've had. He kept asking me, "Are you sure you're okay? Is there anything I can do to help?" Needless to say, between closing out our fiscal year, completing 150 marketing plans and budgets for our new fiscal year, corralling 150 managers at National Sales Meeting, and a Christmas banquet (yes, you heard right), I'm wiped.

I was happy to accept his offer.

Instead of going home, I drove over to Griffin Plaza Art Supply to purchase six tubes of Winsor & Newton watercolor with fabulous names like "Scarlet Lake" and "French Ultramarine" and "New Gamboge."

Why, you ask?

I had my first Water Media class at Watkins College of Art & Design on Wednesday night, and it was the highlight of my month. I only have five other classmates and a wonderfully weird teacher. We spent three hours discussing the type of hair on brushes (squirrel hair is preferred), the chemical makeup of paint (cobalt is poisonous), acrylics versus watercolors, the weight and press of watercolor paper, and the best places in town to shop for supplies. My inner dork came alive--I learned so much. I can't wait until next Wednesday night.

I'm really proud of myself for finally enrolling in an art class. It's been a long time coming. I used to regularly take art classes during my formative years, but I haven't done so since high school. I've missed it terribly.

Tomorrow, I will make a trip to Hickory Hollow to visit Jerry's Artarama to buy brushes.

Tonight, I'm going to dinner with Siebe and Aubrey. We're going to try a new place on our list of undiscovered restaurants. First-up, Rosario's Mexican Restaurant, where we'll do a little dining al fresco.

And, I leave you with this little nugget of J-O-Y, compliments of Amy-Jo, but really, compliments of the WWW. Sarah Scott, this one's for you:


Blogger Kristen said...

Very cool, MA! If you feel like sharing your work or ideas or inspiration, please do!

11:27 AM

Blogger Rhonda said...

So proud of you about the art thing! I hope it bring you much joy and de-stressing.

I'm curious to see what you thought about Rosario's. It's right behind the apt. building Joe used to live in. We went there shortly after it opened and were dumbfounded (and kinda mad) they charge like $5 for chips & salsa, and it didn't even include free refills! I don't remember the food being anything special either, so we haven't been back.

12:52 PM

Blogger Amanda Vilendrer said...

V-O-V! Jesus is like a mountie, he always gets his man??!!

The art class sounds wonderful. I expect to see some Queen MAB originals on here when you can some things completed.

11:53 AM

Blogger Sarah said...

Yeeeeeeessssssss!!! So very glad I stopped in for my dose of the manifesto today! You've made my Monday, MAB. :)

Sigh, I miss you. We are long overdue for a chat, yes?

3:34 PM


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