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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Renegade Hubcap

I got home tonight, got out of my car, looked down and saw I lost another damn hubcap. I kid thee not.

After doing a little internet research, I found that Nissan stopped making Altima hubcaps with plastic clips after 1999 because they kept falling off people's cars. In 2000 forward, their hubcaps came equipped with metal clips to ensure a snug fit. My car is a 1997. The Cubmobile has been fighting a losing battle for more than ten years.

I priced replacement hubcaps on ebay and I didn't find them any cheaper than ten bucks a pop. So for now, my car will remain guh-hetto.


Blogger emmysue said...

I still love you...even though your car is ghetto. :)

10:14 AM

Blogger Sarah said...

Please post a pic on That Ain't Right. PLEASE!

xoxo :)

12:21 PM

Blogger Courtney Baker said...

$10? Is that a lot for hubcaps?

2:27 PM

Blogger Amanda Vilendrer said...

it is when she has to replace them every other week! Sorry to laugh at your misfortune, but I'm having a crappy night and your blog made me smile. mission accomplished.

12:42 AM


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