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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

World's Hungriest Criminals

Several years ago, my bank account number was compromised in the DSW/Wells Fargo ID theft debacle, and fradulent charges made in Hialeah, Florida appeared on my statement. Among the charges for gas and electronics, a $45 charge appeared for Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Funny, no? Well, evidently this is a trend among today's criminals.

As a resident of the 12South downtown Nashville neighborhood, I subscribe to the neighborhood association listserv. This morning I received an email describing a robbery in the neighborhood. The description of the suspect and details of the crime were this:

After taking her purse, the perpetrator ran down the street toward Twelfth Avenue South. He may have had a car waiting, because about 30 minutes later, one of the credit cards from the purse was used at the White Castle on the corner of Nolensville and Thompson Lane.

Does that strike anyone else as hilarious???

I can understand being hungry. In fact, I'm hungry right now. But if I had just robbed someone, my first stop wouldn't be the drive-thru of a fast-food joint that serves fried hamburgers 1/8 of an inch thick. And if for some reason that was my intention, I would have at least upgraded to the Krystal.


Blogger Courtney Baker said...

Seriously. If you are okay with stealing someone's money, why not go all out? If I'm spending someone else's money I'm at least going to one of the "expensive" fast food places. Come on now.

3:52 PM

Blogger thesciencegirl said...

My wallet was stolen last week. The first fraudulent charge on my credit card was at McDonalds. Despite my bad mood, that fact made me laugh.

5:42 PM


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