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Saturday, June 7, 2008

PMS 194

Maybe I need to leave town more often. Somehow, I have all this time to blog. It's my goal to have at least one Paris recap posted before I leave Indy. Not tonight though. I'm sick. My roommates transmitted their germs to me before I left and I'm bringing the love north. I almost had a mini fit tonight after I got back to my room. Sometimes you just want your mommy when you're sick, even if you're 27 years old. Plus, I'm PMS-ing. Feel sorry for me.

I admit, I do love some time to myself. I'm very capable of autonomy. I love community (and one needs to in order to live with three fabulous gals), but sometimes a girl just needs some time to tool around with me, myself and I. And it's not hard to do on this trip, as I'm traveling with a bunch of Southern Baptist men that, let's be real, are kinda clean. Respectful and polite, yes, but still kind of clean. It's a far cry from the men that I traveled with during my Adtec days. Especially when those Adtec men did Vegas or Amsterdam.

I didn't tell any of them that I was going to see "Sex and the City" this afternoon (yes, for the second time--don't judge.)...

So here I am, watching paint dry. Literally. I just painted my nails a bold shade of L-Way red. For all of you Pantone fans, that's PMS 194. My nails will match the itchy, poly-cotton blend oxford that they're requiring me to wear while I "look pretty" and "assist" who's who in So-Bap culture sign their books. I make light of it, but the Tony Dungy signing I scored may be my meal ticket when my yearly review arrives (which by the way, is three weeks past).

Signing off now. Going to the art museum tomorrow.


Blogger Rhonda said...

I won't judge at all. Yesterday I was on my way to see SATC a second time when Amanda had to cancel because she was GOING INTO LABOR!!! If you haven't heard, Bradley was born yesterday at 4:58pm :)

8:07 AM


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