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Monday, September 29, 2008

Another World Is Possible

Tonight, I had the pleasure and the honor of listening to Shane Claiborne speak about love, poverty, and Jesus. This is the same man that lit a fire under my butt in the summer of 07, and inspired me to take my love to the streets. I am an Ordinary Radical.

"You don't have to wait for a politician to change the world. Show the world the transforming power of Jesus Christ." -- Shane Claiborne

"November 4? What about November 3 or November 5? We vote everyday with our lives." -- Shane Claiborne

"It doesn't say 'for God so loved America" in the Bible...'" -- Shane Claiborne referencing John 3:16

Shane Claiborne

Shane's Books

Simple Way

Another World is Possible

Ordinary Radicals


Blogger Ashley said...

Great post, well said. Funny thing I heard if the $700 billion were given to every American we would each get $250,000. Not much to the wealthy 1%, but to most it would be a gift of imminent prosperity. Blessings to you and yes I do believe there is another way!

10:50 PM


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