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Wednesday, April 5, 2006

The Cubmobile & Its Evil Twin

Yes, I freaked out too.

My co-worker, Desiree, and I were traveling to Firestone yesterday to pick up my car, where I was having an oil change and my quarterly rotate, balance and align. We are waiting at a stoplight about a block away from the Firestone and I glance over and see my car, sitting in the parking lot, with a MASSIVE dent in the back passenger-side door. Desiree sees it about the same time and we simultaneously start screaming exclamations out the window. "Oh my gosh-oh my gosh-oh my gosh they wrecked my car!!!!!!" For a full two minutes, we sit at that light, wide-eyed, shocked and as Desiree is turning left into the Firestone parking lot, I look at the car and wheels begin to turn inside my head.

"Wait a minute---where is my Cubs front license plate?" I ask. Then it hits me. This car is not the Cubmobile. I scan the rest of the parking lot and over in the opposite corner, amongst a row of cars, stands the Cubmobile, proud and dent-free.

Upon this realization, Desiree and I burst out in laughter and thankfully, I have my camera in my purse to capture the drama. Rest assured, the photo of the car above is not the Cubmobile, but it's evil twin that evidently lives in East Nashville.


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