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Monday, March 13, 2006


I'm going cold turkey on the tanning bed this year. March arrives and all of a sudden, I have this desire for the beginnings of a golden, summer tan. I only visit the tanning bed during the month of March and slightly into April, however, this year will be different. I'm concerned about premature aging, skin cancer and a general unattractiveness that comes when one exposes their skin to UV rays for extended periods of time.

I've never been a huge "fake-n-bake" advocate to begin with. I resisted the temptation for years, but broke down my sophomore year of college due to peer pressure and a looming sorority semi-formal. The thoughts of lying down on someone else's naked butt print with the smell of burning flesh drifting through the air doesn't exactly appeal to me. But it's been a trade off for some March "color."

Alas, no more tanning bed for me. I'm welcoming myself to the world of self-tanners and/or spray tan. I'm more than a bit skeptical, but for the sake of my skin, I'm willing to give it a try. My problems with self-tanners span from their nasty smell and their difficulty in application to the greasy film they leave behind on the body, clothing, bed linens, towels, etc. Now granted, I haven't used a self-tanner in years...since probably high school. My mom and I tried a Clinique-brand self-tanner and I can remember how stinky we smelled while wearing it. And I'd inevitably end up with streaky legs and splotchy feet.

So, I'm enlisting the help of the Queen MAB faithful. I'm in need of a self-tanner, whether it be a cream, gel, aerosol spray, etc. for my body and face. I'm also open to opinions and recommendations for spray tanning. Let's hear it!


Blogger jackie said...

you should try the jergens natural glow. its a regular body lotion but has such a small amount of self tanner that you have to use it for a week or more in order to see results. The good side is that there is absolutely no streaking because its so gradual, and it really lets you control the color.. and its extremely easy to maintain because its just like putting lotion on. I have some and tried it, and its the best self tanner I've tried in terms of smell and orange-factor. My sister-in-law used it right before she married my brother, and I could have sworn she just spent the last month tanning, it looked REALLY good! the only thing, id be wary of using it on your face, because its most likely not oil-free.
good for you for avoiding the uv-rays :)

2:11 PM

Blogger Rhonda Lu said...

Emily has tried the Jergens stuff. But good news! I heard they are making it for faces now....just not sure if it's in stores yet but I def. want to try that. My face never seems to tan the same way by body does.

7:36 PM

Blogger jillymae said...

i've used the Neutrogena Build-a-tan and it is great! not stinky at all and you get the gradual tan you want.

the spray tanning seems to work great for a lot of people. they offer it at the spa where i work. it seems to require a lot more maintenance than the self-tanning lotion. exfoliating, avoiding prolonged water exposure, moisturizing and such, plus going back for maintenance often (they recommend once a week). it's not cheap either. base application is $40, maintenance application is $20. i'd definitely go the self tanner route.

11:05 AM

Blogger Amanda said...

good for you for skipping the fake-an-bake- nobody loves a corndog (ie- someone cooked from the inside-out)
I have used the Target-brand of the Jergens daily glow lotion and I like it. Didn't Lana suggest a really good lancome tanner though?

11:41 AM

Blogger emilyb said...

I cannot tell you how proud I am of this decision. The desire to be tan is a strong one, but I have seen one too many Dateline's to do that to my skin anymore. It's scary!

Welcome to the "beautiful skin in your 40's" club!!

4:31 PM

Blogger emilyb said...

PS - I have a Neutrogena face tanner that I LOVE. I mix a little with my moisturizer (sph 30, by the way) every day, and it gives me that sun-kissed glow. As for body self-tanners, I also like Neutrogena's foam tanner. You just have to (a) exfoliate and (b) go easy. Practice makes perfect. And now is a good time to practice before we get too much into spring weather. In other words, you can hide mishaps with winter clothing.

4:33 PM

Blogger emilyb said...

spf...dang it

4:34 PM

Blogger Sarah said...

I don't have much in the way of advice to offer up here, but I am begging for feedback from Queen MAB herself as to what works. I've never, ever been to a tanning bed (and I don't intend to start now), but I'm transparent these days. Must get darker now!! Let me know it goes, okayyyy?

11:27 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ive used the Jergens self tanner as well, and it does great, but does leave a sparkley look on ur skin, so maybe not the best for a guy, lol! It seems like the spray tanner people still look like they have a fake tan. The neutrogena face tan lotion Ive heard works good from my little sister using it!

11:41 AM


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