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Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Happy Anniversary to the Aspen Bungalow!

Today is the anniversary of a couple of monumental occasions in my life. The most obvious being that today is the one-month anniversary of the Queen MAB Manifesto! What is it that they say about forming good habits? How long do you have to practice something before it becomes second nature? Anyway, I'm well on my way to establishing myself in the blogging universe. And I must say that I'm enjoying the journey quite a bit.

Today is also my two-year anniversary of living in my apartment, a.k.a. the Aspen Bungalow. Two whole years! Quite a bit has changed in the course of one year in living there, much less two years. Two years ago, I didn't know a single soul on the southside of town, wasn't active in a church or my community, and certainly didn't have that chic crystal chandelier hanging from my bedroom ceiling. The Aspen Bungalow, as well as Cool Springs, have become my adulthood home.

As Amanda touched on in her recent Diva Domain post, I'm the "adult" now. It's fun being an adult most of the time. I am my own boss, and for anyone that knows me well, that's a good thing. I love having the freedoms that come with adulthood, but there are certain days that I miss having parents to take care of me. I experienced these feelings earlier this week when a nasty cold willed me to bed for two days straight. By Monday afternoon, I needed meds and sustenance, but couldn't find the strength to actually get in my car and drive myself to the pharmacy a mile down the road. Somehow I managed to acquire drugs, chicken noodle soup and gingerale successfully, but was completely spent by the time I arrived back home. All I could think was, "if Mom were here, she wouldn't even have to leave the house for supplies because she'd already have it all stored away in the pantry for a time such as this!"

So today, I'm back at work for the first time this week, realizing that another day at home spent on the couch, alternating between Lifetime movies and Full House reruns, means one less sick day to spend at my discretion throughout the year. Now that's being an adult!

On the upswing, today marks the beginning of MLB exhibition games, including some exciting interleague play! Da Cubbies don't officially begin play until tomorrow, but the spirit of hope is already welling up inside me! The Nashville "Big Wigs" have finally approved a new downtown minor league baseball stadium, meaning the city might actually play host to future exhibition games and MLB events. Greer Stadium held exhibition games in the past, but the facility has not exactly been accommodating for such in recent years. Despite the unnecessary drama in acquiring stadium approval, the future stadium is going to be a blessing to Nashville. Not only will it clean-up and revitalize the SoBro area, but it will open the door for urban living, trendy restaurants and bars, upscale shopping districts, and it lays a brick in the foundation of Nashville's sporting arena.


Blogger Amanda said...

did you watch the Price Is Right on your sick day ala Dane Cook??!!

4:48 PM

Anonymous Ginny said...

I can't believe you've been in Nashville for two years! It really has been that long; I can't believe I've been in Athens for two years either. Do you remember the time that you and Courtney fell on me and gave me that enormous bruise? Or later that same night, when your lovely cat made Christa and me so sick that we made Cuyler pick us up at 3am? I've enjoyed reading your blog postings. If I read these, will you read my thesis?

11:48 PM

Blogger emilyb said...

Happy Anniversary, Aspen Bungalow!

I can't tell you how excited I am about the new stadium! I heart baseball! I'm seriously considering buying season tickets. Anyone wanna go in with me?

9:54 AM

Blogger Mary Anna said...

I'm for sure in for season tickets. I didn't think anyone else would want to!

9:57 AM


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