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Wednesday, February 1, 2006

In the Beginning

You've heard the rumors, and they're all true. I've officially joined the ranks of the "blogeois," as in the customary Internet journalist whose industrious attempts and proprietorial conquest results in the quintessential blog. I give you, "The Queen MAB Manifesto."

Anyway, the "Queen MAB" connection was made my freshman year of high school, the first time I read "The Tragedy of Romeo & Juliet" composed by none other than Sir William Shakespeare. Queen Mab was mentioned in one of Mercutio's famous speeches as a fairy galloping through lovers' brains so they dream of love. Seeing as how my initials are M.A.B., the nickname stuck.

Heaven forbid I ever get married and have to change my last name to something that doesn't start with the letter B. "Queen MAD" or "Queen MAN" don't really do it for me. On the other hand, "Queen MAC" rings quite nicely. Maybe M-A-C Cosmetics or Apple might be willing to negotiate endorsement deals. Complimentary Lipglass? Why, thank you! An Ipod and unlimited downloads for life? You shouldn't have!

Throw in the token reference to Marxist theory (no, I am not a Commie) and "The Queen MAB Manifesto" is born. I realize that by joining the blogging ranks that I subject myself to gratuitous grammatical corrections and snarky comments. It's all par for the course. I draw inspiration from friends in the "blogeois," Amanda and Emily, who handle themselves so gracefully in the blogging realm. It's no lie that I have a lot to live up to.

So begins my new blog. Ne nuntium necare.

P.S. Any eligible bachelors out there with a last name beginning with the letter C? I'm currently accepting resumes. Qualifications are that you breathe independently. Definite room for growth, possibly achieving husband status...


Blogger emilyb said...

Welcome to the blogging world, my friend. I hope you enjoy it. I must say I have been relaxed with mine lately. There's just so many other blogs I read every day, that I find it hard to have time to maintain mine. I look forward to adding the Queen MAB Manifesto to my daily routine. Love ya!

9:43 AM

Blogger Amanda said...

Oh, I'm so giddy I can hardly contain myself!! And I'm laughing out loud over here- "qualifications are that you breathe independently"
Welcome, my friend. May you Blog Long and Prosper.

9:45 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very nice!!! "royal, twenty-something personality"
I think this statement applies to me as well....

9:51 AM

Blogger jillymae said...

blog on, sister. blog on!

10:07 AM

Anonymous Joshua said...

Um, hello.
I heard you were looking for applicants...
I'll try and get mine submitted this week, although I am kind of stuck on a couple parts.
I have yet to figure out a clever "MAM" anagram for you, though I did find the Milwaukee Art Museum. That's exciting, right? How do you feel about Wisconsin?
If you manage to come up with anything better, let me know.

Oh, and nice blog. :-)

10:10 AM

Blogger Sarah said...

Long live, Queen MAB!

9:38 AM

Blogger Laura said...

Wait a minute! SHAG is still one of your favorite movies? Oh how that takes me back to some good times! Keep Rockin!

2:15 PM


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