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Thursday, February 23, 2006

American Hunk

Can I just say that there is an awfully good lookin' bunch of men appearing on American Idol this year??? I'm not a diehard American Idol fan, but I enjoy a good competition, especially if it involves musical talent. However, all musical talent aside, I'm voting to rename the competition, American Hunk.

In honor of my imaginary competiton, I give you the Top 7 Countdown of American Hunk:

7) The Fixer-Upper: At first glance, many a gal may run the other direction when confronted with the redneck mustache, weaseling around on Bucky Covington's face. But alas, there is hope. Lose the facial hair and whack a couple of inches off the straggly mane, and I think we might have a hunk on our hands. Too bad he won't advance far enough in the competition for the makeovers to begin...

6) The Sleeper Stud: Ok, so his haircut is a little Jim Carrey-esque, i.e. Dumb and Dumber, but Elliott Yamin is solid in the running for American Hunk. He just looks like a nice, sensitive guy. Tack those ears back and shave off that thuggish beard and we might just have a winner.

5) The Grinnin' Fool: How can you not find this cutie-patootie attractive??? Gedeon McKinney's grin alone gets me hook, line and sinker. His look is very mature for a 17-year-old.

4) The Rat Packer: He's a little young, but David Radford has that cavalier-like charm endemic to crooner greats such as Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. And he's just generally handsome, in a prom king sort of way. Or he will be when he hits puberty. He's the Zach Morris of the competition...with dark hair.

3) The John Mayer Wannabe: The kid is just 16, but Will Makar is already well on his way to hunkiness. Does anyone else see a resemblance to the pop-blues crooner that likes to refer to my body as a "Wonderland?" Somebody get this kid a guitar!

2) The Angst-ridden Skinhead: In an episode of Seinfeld called The Cadillac Part 2, Marisa Tomei says to George Costanza, "So, tell me, how is it that a man like you, so bald, and so quirky and funny, how is it you're not taken?" I don't know if Chris Daughtry is taken or not, but he's a perfect example of why bald is muy bueno.

And the drumroll, please....

1) The Man That Needs No Explanation: Ace Young. Yes, please. Seconds? I insist. I'm not too full for thirds. Can I take him home??? I've never had the desire to actually vote for a contestant on American Idol, but this year, that may change. I don't care what he sounds like....just give me more!


Blogger Amanda said...

Ace can be my father figure any day! But I'd like a haircut before he figures anything. I am anxious to hear the John Mayer cutie patootie as well. Darn you Mary Anna, looks I am being sucked into the American Idol.

12:32 PM

Blogger emilyb said...

Ace Young (insert growly noise) ;)

2:14 PM

Blogger jillymae said...

can it be possible for a guy to look soooo hot, sound amazing, have such great values AND have a name that's so close to my heart????

no haircut needed. i love the locks, Ace!

10:56 PM


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