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Monday, March 20, 2006

Sephora Day Out

Friday was one for the books. I finally spent my first dime (or maybe a little more than a dime) at Sephora via Nashville. I met Amanda and Mandy early that morning and armed with our shopping-game-faces (and my list of things to purchase), we entered the land of makeup.

Amanda went to the left, I went to the right, and Mandy shot straight up the center. I took one last look at Mandy and said, "see you in a couple of hours."

The first makeup fixture I visited was Benefit Cosmetics, where I snapped up the Dallas blush and Dr. Feelgood complexion balm. The Dallas powder compliments my rosy undertones nicely, but I've learned to use it sparingly (at least until after Memorial Day weekend when I see some real live sun). The Dr. Feelgood mattifies my shiny cheeks and provides an excellent base for my morning makeup routine. I'm going to have to buy another Dr. Feelgood to keep in my purse for 3 p.m. shine touchups.

I browsed Smashbox and almost purchased their Compact Anti-Shine, but opted against it after advice from a Sephora rep. The Dr. Feelgood is the same product, but more bang for the buck.

I then made my way around to Make Up For Ever and picked up their Diamond Powder in Copper 4, after seeing a Sephora rep wearing the snazzy sparkles on her eyelids. In order to provide a shimmery base for the Diamond Powder, I hopped over to NARS and placed a Cream Eyeshadow in El Dorado in my basket.

After a lengthy loop around the back side of the store, somehow declining the body butters and anti-wrinkle creams on display, I found myself at Sephora's own collection of makeup and marked another item off my list, the Sephora Powder in a Brush. Drifting over to Too Faced, I spied another coveted item on my list, the Box of Pink Chocolates.

Twenty delectable shades of lip gloss, fragranced lightly by chocolate, is a steal at $27.50. It even comes with a lip brush, complete with a cap to minimize messiness. I found that the lip glosses are of extremely high-quality, not too goopy or dry, and the individual lip pots run deep in the case. Definitely my bargain for the day.

After perusing Stila, CARGO, Tarte, Bare Escentuals and LORAC, I decided it was time to check out. I had been saving a giftcard I received for Christmas and was satisfied with my wise, practical purchases, accompanied by a couple of fun splurges. My only impulse buy of the day was Smith's Rosebud Salve, and at $5.50 a pop, I can afford to indulge.

I was overly satisfied with my 2 hour experience of the new Sephora Nashville. I will say though, I wish they would remove Clinique and Lancome (sorry Lana) for some more obscure and hard-to-find brands, such as DuWop, Paul & Joe, Delux Beauty, Pop Beauty, Urban Decay, Hard Candy and Laura Mercier. I can buy Clinique and Lancome at a department store any day. Or from you, Lana.

After a good browsing of the Mall at Green Hills and a few additional purchases later, we headed over to Jackson's for lunch and a really hot waiter with Emily, Sarah & Lana. Sharing Jackson's famed Chocolate-Chip Cookie Dough Eggrolls was a free-for-all. At least Amanda gave up chocolate for Lent....i.e. more dessert to go around.

Saturday, I headed to Murf to spend the day eating, shopping and movie-ing with two of my bestest, Amy and Ashley. I don't realize how much I miss these gals (or any of the Menagerie crew) until I see them again and the giggles commence. We went to see Failure to Launch, and I must say, it exceeded my expectations. After Sarah Jessica Parker's last movie, I was just hoping for the best with this one. Yes, it was the exact same plot line as How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (plug in different heroine and coastline), but since I loved that movie (and Matthew McConaughey), I was duly entertained.

Our day didn't end there though. We trekked over to Old Navy and on the way there, witnessed a crazy jogging man weaving in and out of Murf traffic. Old Fort Parkway is nothing short of a busy thoroughfare and to see this man working it out in the oddest of places was hi-larious. We followed him through the Old Navy shopping center until he stopped at the S&K to window shop.

It's been awhile since it was just the three of us out together, and a reminisce of our Daytona trip surfaced, including "Chikn Fangers & Grey-vy" at the DQ and the "Dawg Races." Too bad Amy can't remember everything though...she needs to take her "binko kiloba." I love these girls!

One last notable nugget to cap off the weekend---I got home Sunday afternoon from church, flipped on the tv and began to make lunch. I looked up at the current NCAA game and Bradley and Pittsburgh are duking it out, with the score box reading "Brad" then "Pitt," one on top of the other. I laughed out loud and recorded the moment in history for your viewing pleasure. Here tis:


Blogger F.Cali said...

Wow---you sure made out like a bandit! It's too bad they don't have DuWop there. It's the best!

3:47 PM

Blogger ellen said...

Hey Mary Anna...I'm glad you had such a great time at Sephora...I'm going to go to my first Sephora in Tampa, FL hopefully next week when I'm there visiting my brother and little nephew!
The whole Brad/Pitt box did add to march madness!:)

9:11 PM

Blogger jackie said...

im so jealous. ive only ever made my way into the internet store. *sigh*

what is it about makeup that is so alluring and irresistable (no matter how much I fight to deny it)?

very good choices. I hope I like the Dallas too.

9:13 PM

Blogger Amanda said...

only you would find Brad Pitt in March Madness! I love it, and can't believe I missed such an obvious amusement to add to my enjoyment of the b-ball game!

ps- Mandy and I caught MA taking that picture of the front of the Sephora store! We were walking out of a store upstairs and looked down towards the sephora to see if Mary Anna was down there waiting on us or not, when much to my delight- I spotted Queen MAB with her camera out, capturing the storefront. Of course I called her immediately on my cell and laughed at her while exclaiming, "we caught you taking that picture, you dork!"

10:08 PM

Blogger Mary Anna said...

I make no apologies for my photography. No shame, I say, No shame!

10:33 PM

Blogger emilyb said...

I'm waiting until April, when I have a new paycheck and a little money to burn. I can't wait to go, though! Thanks for the recap.

Genius picture of the bball game...very nice.

2:01 PM

Blogger Sarah said...

Ahhh hahaha, I love the Brad-Pitt picture! CLASSIC. I must have been too busy marveling that Bradley was winning to really let it register.

Still sad I missed the journey to Makeup Mecca, but I feel like you could probably be persuaded to go with me another time. Shall we?

12:13 PM

Blogger jackie said...

btw, how is the box of chocolates lip gloss? It seems like a bargain, so I may put it on my wish list.

6:03 PM


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