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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Sephora VIP

My mom and I decided to get together and have a girls night. I was invited by Sephora (along with the rest of the free world) to a VIP shopping party the night before the store is set to open to the public, so I dragged my mom to the Mall at Green Hills to be one of the first to experience beauty paradise, Nashville style. We made our way down to the store at about 5:40, and already a long line was forming at the door. I told my mom, "now you know I'm not the only obsessed one!" At the stroke of 6, the mall foyer became eerily silent and the entire Sephora staff began to chant and cheer, S-E-P-H-O-R-A! Before I realized what was going on, the large glass doors were thrown open and a mass influx of eager gals (and a few guys) proceeded into the store.

It's going to sound really maniacal and maudlin, but as soon as I glided through the entrance, I became awash with euphoric emotion. Amanda and her sister, Laura, were also there shopping and I turned to her and said, "I almost teared up!" A Sephora employee overheard me and said, "It's okay, We've all cried today!"

To label the teeming store a madhouse would be the understatement of the year. You could barely turn around inside the store or take a step forward or backward without running into someone. Arms and hands were flying in every direction, grappling for lip gloss and eye shimmer. I knew my mom didn't have the desire, or the patience, to hang out for long, so I had previously decided I wouldn't make an attempt to purchase anything tonight or play. I'm saving it all for tomorrow.

I did manage to embarrass my mom in the process though. My mom has beautiful skin and looks very young for her age. I only hope that someday my skin will look as good as hers (now that I'm purging the fake-n-bake from my life, maybe it will be). Anyway, my mom had a blemish surface today which is an extremely rare occasion. I had mentioned to her at dinner, "what a better night to have a blemish than the Sephora VIP party!" I wanted her to consult a Sephora representative to recommend an appropriate concealer. As we are snaking our way through the store, I tell my mom we're going to do something about that blemish and she panics and says, "Don't you dare! They're gonna make me buy something!" Well of course, I proceed to immediately flag down the first employee I see, all the while my mom is turning a bright shade of crimson. We found a girl that was very helpful, directing us to NARS and having my mom apply a concealer suitable for her complexion. She doctored that blemish and with one last contented look over my shoulder, we exited the store.

I'll be back tomorrow, armed with my camera, giftcard and hit list. I'm gonna sleep like a child on Christmas Eve!


Blogger Porkchop said...

Oh how all the shiny things in Sephora make me happy!

my guilty addiction.

I wonder if there is a recovery group...

10:20 AM

Blogger thesciencegirl said...

I'm not really a make-up person, but occasionally, the desire hits me to try out a new product. So, one night last year, I went into the Sephora in Boston hoping to find a fun nail polish or eye shimmer or something. I had never shopped in there before. There were so many beauty products, some of which I'd never heard of, that I just wandered around overwhelmed for 1/2 an hour, and then left empty-handed. I went back with a friend in New York recently, and she showed me around. She aso introduced me to Philosophy bath products. They're expensive, but now I like to go into Sephora and look at the pretty things that I can't afford. :)

1:07 PM

Blogger Amanda said...

okay MA- you said you had "euphoric emotion-" but might that have just been sephoric emotion? I'm just sayin....

and ps- if loving makeup is wrong is wrong then I don't wanna be right! Forget the recovery club- sign me up as an officer in the "I heart Sephora club"

5:29 PM

Blogger F.Cali said...

How exciting! I have to drive like 15 miles to get to my Sephora, and it's sad because it's not as big as I'd like. The one in NYC is really nice!

3:46 PM


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