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Thursday, July 6, 2006

Vacation's all I ever wanted...

I'm on vacation right now and have been all week. It's Thursday, and I'm in no mood to sit indoors and blog so I will not. I wish I could say that I was headed out to the pool, but I've got errands to run.

Therefore, I've decided that my blog is also on vacation. You will not hear from either of us the rest of the week. I will return on Monday to recap my favorite holiday of the year, as well as the rest of the drama (good) surrounding my glorious vacation.

I hope everyone is enjoying the short work week!

Queen MAB


Blogger Kristen said...

Have a fun weekend!

10:47 AM

Blogger thesciencegirl said...

Hope you're having fun! Looking forward to the next entry...

7:43 PM

Blogger Sarah said...

Joe-Nathan's was fun!! I think we, once again, solved the world's problems (but not so much our own...).

P.S. Did I really make a Sweet Valley High reference?

P.P.S. What did that girl at the next table say?!! I've already forgotten :(

9:58 PM


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