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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

25 Little Known Facts about Queen MAB

In honor of my 25th birthday today, I give you 25 Little Known Facts about Queen MAB. Enjoy!

25) I prefer bananas when they are solid green.

24) I have a slight addiction to cosmetics and beauty products, especially lip gloss.

23) I talk in my sleep. In fact, I’ve been told that you can carry on a conversation with me when I’m asleep.

22) I am politically conservative with Libertarian tendencies.

21) I could eat cereal every meal of the day for the rest of my life and never get tired of it. Especially if it involves Cheerios.

20) I don’t want Lasik eye surgery because I like wearing my “Lisa Loeb” glasses. They’re an accessory!

19) I love the smell of antique stores.

18) When I was four, I colored my tongue with a blue magic marker because I didn’t want to take a nap. My mom had to call poison control to make sure I didn’t die.

17) I like to organize everything, even the cans of food in my pantry.

16) Sometimes I buy books only because I like the cover art.

15) I like to take long, exploratory drives out in the country by myself with no destination and no timetable.

14) I love the little sound explosion an orange makes when you pull it apart by two thumbs.

13) My tonsils are the size of ping pong balls. No joke.

12) I love office supplies. I liked to play office and pretend I was a secretary when I was growing up.

11) I don’t floss. Ever.

10) I like to go to a matinee movie alone.

9) I’m deathly afraid of cockroaches. Not because they are an insect, but because they carry disease.

8) I’ve used the same mascara brand since the eighth grade (Cover Girl's Remarkable Waterproof in Black-Brown). Why change a good thing?

7) I notice insignificant details. And I’m more fascinated by them than the big picture.

6) Even though I own a state-of-the-art digital camera, I still prefer my 35 mm SLR Canon Rebel hands down.

5) I’m an alumnae of Alpha Delta Pi, yet I still have an insatiable desire to flash the “secret sign” whenever I see a fellow ADPi on the road.

4) When Good Morning America does a particularly heart-wrenching news segment, I shed a few tears, even to the point of having to re-do my eye makeup.

3) Occasionally on my lunch break at work, I’ll go to East Nashville and shop at the “Simply Fashion” or the “Fashion Cents.” The clothes are made in Taiwan and aren’t designed or marketed for my demographic, but I still find some really cute deals!

2) I love the Chicago Cubs more than anything, but I secretly don’t want them to ever win another world series. I don’t want a bunch of people jumping on the Cubbie bandwagon and disrespecting the rich tradition of the baseball club.

And the number one little known fact about Queen MAB:

1) I really love the dictionary. I have the same affinity for the thesaurus. I read them both for fun. I’ve been known to carry them around in my purse for emergency word crises.


Blogger Conni said...

Happy Birthday!
I've only recently discovered your blog and taken the liberty to link you in mine.
I hope you don't mind.
May you receive what you wish for.

5:01 AM

Anonymous Marcie said...

Happy Birthday again! I wanted to let you know that thanks to your picture of your new flowers and pots, I am now planning to take up gardening sometime in the near future! And also, I used to be a school/office supplies geek too when I was little !

10:45 AM

Blogger ellen said...

Happy 25th Mary Anna! I hope you've had a great day! :)

8:38 PM

Blogger Kristen said...

Happy birthday, Mary Anna! Let the quarter life crisis begin! Just kidding! :)

9:52 PM

Blogger jackie said...

You should floss! hehe (I say that because the dentist just told me I had 6 small cavities between my upper front teeth, so now im a flossing fanatic)
Hope you had a happy birthday!!!

6:29 AM

Blogger Amanda said...

I'm waiting patiently for Emily's tirade on here about flossing...

11:13 AM

Blogger emilyb said...

I'm waiting until we're in person so I can smack her upside the head!

11:23 AM

Blogger Tina said...


I so enjoy reading your blogs. Are you sure that we weren't separated at birth? Heart you.

3:19 PM


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