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Thursday, February 14, 2008


Last week, I got a phone call from my dear friend, Miss Emily Borders, asking if I'd like to join her at "our" restaurant for lunch on Valentine's Day. "Our" restaurant is Marche Artisan Foods, a little French bistro cafe located in the avocado green, art-deco Walnut Exchange in East Nashville. I delightfully exclaimed an emphatic "yes" to her brilliant idea, but then abruptly realized I would'nt be able to go afterall.

I say to Em, "oh gosh, I forgot---I have a gynecologist appointment at 11 on Thursday." Em replies:

"It's literally a Happy V-day for you then!"

We both thought this was hiiiiiiiiilarious. When I made my appointment months and months ago (because Lord knows that if you don't secure one within a six-month window, you ain't ever gettin' in), I didn't realize I'd scheduled it for the National Singles Awareness Day.

Lucky me---I'm going to get some action this V-day afterall...


Blogger emmysue said...

Yes, that was a good laugh indeed. Happy V-day, my friend!

9:30 AM


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