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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oh praise the One who paid my debt and raised this life up from the dead!

God is moving in my life. The past year has been a year of spiritual dormancy, and I'm entering a season of growth. Not that I ever thought God had left my side---He just quietly led me through the dark. I am so excited for Him to rid me of guilt, of self-loathing, of loneliness, of greed, of lust, of hatred, of all that hinders. I desire for Him to fill me with His love, His grace, His abundance.

Kairos was an amazing time of worship tonight. This video provided an incredible visualization of a sacred hymn.

Last night in Bible Study, Mandy shared the following passage written by the late Ellen Dent. Ellen was a high school student in the small group Mandy led in college, that was killed in a car accident. Found in her Bible were the following words she had written--words that I hope are my prayer for a very long time:

"My priority is being God's daughter. Everything else will fall into place. Don't strive so hard to serve Him. Rest in His love. The rest will come naturally, from an overwhelming realization of how much God loves me."


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