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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Huked on Fonix Werkt fer me!

As if I needed another reason to loathe those rednecks east of the Cumberland, this was the front page of the UT Athletics website this morning:




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, let's see... in the spirit of being playful...

"Dumb-asses" is the best you got? As a writer?

Well, as I reconsider it, brevity is the soul of wit...

I remember when I was at UT, and my roommate (Mike L - you remember him from MTSU CCC staff, don'tcha?) picked up a copy of the UT basketball wallet-sized schedule, and it had "TENNESSE" emblazoned all-over-it, so he handed it to then-Athletic Director Doug Dickey, who didn't seemed too thrilled by that... :)

Good times, glad my alma mater continues to represent...

-one of those rednecks-


10:41 PM

Blogger Mike Lipscomb said...

It was 1992 (or 1993?). I was walking home on my usual route through the student center. I stopped to window shop and pick up a few basketball schedules which had been strewn about. Lo and behold, they had misspelt TENNESSEE on about 10000 of the little boogers! So, as E says above, after a game one night I found myself personally handing one to Coach Doug Dickey. Never a word or story in the newspapers; just the silent replacement of all the schedules. That's my 15 minutes of fame; but that doesn't really count so I figure I only used about 10 seconds.

12:52 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

They "Misspelt" it?

Of course they did.

Nice one.


12:59 AM

Blogger Mike Lipscomb said...

Yup, misspellified. Ok, so now I get a few more seconds of internet fame. Which doesn't really count out of my 15 minutes. So, make that 12 seconds used up. Hey, at least I correctly spelled the Blogger word verification "Pat Sajak I wanna buy a vowel" password!

1:41 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mary Anna, this really is a mute point. :) ~ari

12:00 PM


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