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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Lay Your Armor Down

It feels good to rest the defenses. And my, my---how the tables have turned! I didn't see this one coming. Clarity is not necessarily present, but there's a glimmer of...something?

"Duplicitous by nature, but not by design," so says a wise man. I wonder if more is understood than I grant credit?

My first inclination is to apologize for ambiguity. But I forget that the Manifesto is not limited to journalistic documentation---it also functions as a personal record of my thoughts. And I don't owe anyone an explanation of what goes on inside my head. I forget this sometimes, because of the public nature of my blog. Lately, I've noticed my blog has become a little sterile, and lacks the vulnerability and transparency that it once had.

It's not supposed to make sense to you. So don't ask.

Don't wait, don't wait. The road is now a sudden sea, and suddenly, you're deep enough to lay your armor down. To lay your armor down, to lay your armor down. (CC, DC)


Anonymous MC said...

In all things "moderation".

8:57 PM


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