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Monday, January 25, 2010


Tonight, I tried to empathize over a piece of pepperoni pizza, but realized instead I will never truly understand.

Tonight, I felt helpless when my Mom mentioned her tooth pain.

Tonight, I practiced kindness from the heart, and not just from the mouth.

Tonight, I accepted an invitation to be a bridesmaid in a sweet friend's wedding and gushed at her newly purchased wedding dress.

Tonight, I produced my copy of Dave Ramsey's self-published, first edition, autographed, Financial Peace, and commented on the "David Koresh" glasses he wore in his book jacket photo.

Tonight, I giggled as one roommate crushed, and one roommate crashed.

Tonight, I learned a bit about Southern Germany, and things associated with rocketry.

Tonight, I got that giddy feeling one can only get when in very special company.


Blogger Amy Helms said...

late night work is nice.

8:17 AM


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