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Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Cats

I'm back from a relaxing and quiet weekend at Rock Island State Park with my Bible study girls, and I already want to go back. There were only four of us that went, as Steph was sidelined by the plague at the last minute. Sadness. But, while we missed her, we had fun, nontheless.

We arrived to an empty park on Friday night around nine, and our check-in instructions were taped to the Park Ranger station window. As we rolled back into the park to the cabin area, we noticed that no cabin was occupied. Must be a slow month for Tennessee State Parks. Anyway, as soon as we got the car unloaded, we realized we weren't alone afterall...

These little buggers were peeping in on us, mewing, wanting some attention...err...food.

While we slept, they must have rallied the troops, because these lovelies were up to greet us at the crack of dawn. I'm thinking they were drawn by the smell of bacon grease...

Here's our lovely Cabin #9. I was totally impressed with how spacious, clean, well-decorated, and furnished our Rock Island Retreat was, especially since we stayed in that train wreck of a cabin at Standing Stone State Park last year.

Saturday morning, the four of us trekked out for some nature and hiking. It only took about ten minutes to get my camera propped up on top of my car so we could have a group photo in front of our cabin.

Front: Mandy, MA. Back: Molly, Siebe

Our first stop was to have a look at Twin Falls, just downstream from the Great Falls Dam. I'm not so sure why the water was a greenish-gray color. Not exactly appealing, yet still pretty darn gorgeous.

After our stop at the Falls, we did some hiking in the park. At one point, we stopped on a bridge overlooking a babbling creek. Mandy decides she'd like to balance beam, "Dirty Dancing" style, over the creek. Needless to say, that didn't quite work out...

Along the trail, we saw quite a bit of water roaring through the gorge, including these whitewater rapids.

After a few hours of hiking, we returned to our cabin and wolfed down some PB&J out on the picnic table in our backyard. The cats swarmed and surrounded us, and it kind of felt like we were in some twisted horror film, and we were about to be eaten alive by rabid cats.

Later that afternoon, I went to the kitchen to close the window, and saw this:


It poured rain on the drive home today, but it was worth the weekend of praising the Lord with my Sisters.


Blogger Natrudy said...

OH my GOSH, I cannot stop cracking up over here about the cats stalking you. Hilarious!

8:17 PM


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