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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Social Baptist

A friend of mine shared a really funny story today, and reminded me of the wide-ranging diversity within the body of Christ. Over the Christmas holiday, she brought her new boyfriend to a Baptist church one Sunday morning. The boyfriend was raised Catholic, and is not a current church attender. It just so happened, that week was Communion Sunday. In the Catholic tradition, members approach the altar, sip wine out of a chalice, and tear off a piece of bread to eat. In the Baptist tradition, round trays of miniature capsules of grape juice are distributed, as are tiny pieces of unleavened bread.

As the trays were being passed, my friend noticed that her boyfriend had a puzzled look on his face. The service ended, and later in the day, her boyfriend questioned, "how is it that Catholics drink real wine, and Baptists don't, yet they serve the grape juice in little shot glasses? I looked around and everyone in the sanctuary is throwing one back in unison."

Anybody else sensing the irony here? Especially considering Baptists are so polarized in regard to alcohol consumption. To a casual observer, Communion Sunday at the Baptist church looks like nothing more than a bunch of frat guys on a Saturday night.

Due to the nature of my current life circumstances, I am not at liberty to commentate concerning the relationship of alcohol and Christianity. But someday, I will have things to say. Lots of things. That is all.


Blogger Amanda Vilendrer said...

LOL! I have NEVER thought about them as shot glasses! Guess we should start to do a holler and a swaller in Nashvegas baptist churches from now on!

9:46 AM


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