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Friday, January 8, 2010

Bad Date, Good Company

When my roommates and I made plans today to see a movie after our already planned dinner outing, I knew it was going to be fun to write about afterward. However, I didn't count on a below average meal and a subpar chick-flick.

Since Wendi moved in, the four of us haven't been around to hang out collectively. We tried during the holidays, but sychronizing our calendars failed. So, our meal out tonight was to officially celebrate the new Fox on Knox.

We've been wanting to try Whiskey Kitchen, a restaurant just off the Gulch that opened in early Fall. WK sits in the same location as the now defunct, Agave Tequila Lounge. And, it's definitely a step-up in regard to decor and ambience. Think dark, woodsy, masculine. Just how I like my men. I digress...

Anyway, we were seated at a four-top cafe table, and perused the menu for winning entrees. Despite throwing around a few phrases including "truffle oil" and "fire-roasted," the menu was comprised mainly of glorified bar food. Hamburgers. Chicken Sliders. French Fries. Fish-n-Chips. Wraps. You know the drill. Wendi and I ordered burgers, Amy a veggie wrap, and Arica fish-n-chips. My burger was good, but not any more special than a burger I've eaten elsewhere. And Amy's veggie wrap was a sorry sight for eyes...and soggy, at that. Arica had the clear winner, but can you keep a restaurant open on one entree?

The service was less than stellar, too, but by this point, my expectations were rather low. The only redemptive factor to our experience was our time spent hypothesizing as to why the odd couple at the booth adjacent to our table were fighting. Not that four single girls take delight in that kind of thing...

After leaving, never to return, we hopped over to Green Hills to see Leap Year at the theater. The last time I was at this Regal, I took a dive into a pool of butter. I won't lie and say that the threat of an encore didn't haunt me, especially as I was wearing the same pair of heeled boots. My steps were deliberate this time.

I settled back into the seat, enjoying the previews, and anticipating a good ol' fashioned sappy and predictable chick flick. Well, it was sappy and predictable...and pretty all-around terrible. There were holes all through the plot line, and the dialogue was atrocious. And, I have to wonder if Hollywood is running out of unique scenarios for romantic comedies. How many movies have you seen in the last year where a couple pretends to be married as to create advantage amidst their current plight? Too many.

I left the theater disappointed. I paid ten bucks for the good stuff, and all I got was lousy street crack.


Blogger Amanda Vilendrer said...

I watched a movie tonight I think you should rent if you havent seen it- it's called All About Steve. has Bradley Cooper and Sandra Bullock in it, and it has some great LOL moments, and quotable quotes.

11:06 PM


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