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Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Sabbath

Sunday is my favorite day of the week. I love coming home from church feeling inspired to live God-sized. Mike's sermon today was a hard look at evangelism, and a challenge for us to take it seriously. So often, I'm so focused on my own spiritual needs, that I forget my call to serve, love, and tell others about the hope I have in Christ. During the service, Mike had us watch a clip of Penn Jillette speak of his recent encounter with a Christian after one of his shows. This gentleman clearly made an impression on Penn. Watch below.

I haven't been to Sunday School in months. There's no real clear or profound reason why. People in my life are pouring into me, and I'm being spiritually fed through other Bible studies, so I haven't really felt compelled to go. But I do miss being keyed in somewhere after worship on Sunday mornings. For a long time, I've wanted to serve somehow, in some capacity. Lately, I've been feeling like that place is the nursery. I know, it's random. It's not that I don't like babies...I love them. But before this, if you'd ever asked me if I would work in the nursery, the answer would've been no. This afternoon, I sent an email to the childrens minister, and about an hour later, I got a phone call with an emphatic "yes!" So, assuming I pass the background check, I have a new gig on Sunday mornings. I'm excited about loving on some little ones and blessing their parents with some undistracted time to worship.

Later this afternoon, I attended an informational meeting about mission trips through my church. I've been planning to go on a mission trip to Los Angeles in July to work with Set Free Church, ministering to the homeless on Skid Row. Yall know how I love the homeless. I just wanna hug them, dirty clothes and all. Planning for this trip is in the early stages, but I'm very excited about the possibility. Please pray for me in making this decision, as well as God's provision financially.

Tonight, I met with my weekly Bible study girls to discuss our first week of A Modern Girl's Guide to Bible Study (Jen Hatmaker). I'm encouraged my girls are loving it, and I know it's going to kick some spiritual behind---my own included. One of Jen's recommendations to successful daily time in the Word is to create a place that invites quiet study. Dad is bringing an old desk of mine to the house this week, and I have a new lamp to go on top of it. I'm going to put the desk in the upstairs nook, and arrange my study helps and references there. Most of the time, it's quiet when I get home from work, so that gives me some dedicated time to study and pray.

A friend also gave me some good news today about some answered prayer. She and I took great delight in the unexpected way that God intervened. I'm so proud of her. I love it when spiritual accountability leads to transparency, and joy comes from a triumph over bondage.

It was a very good day.


Blogger Allison said...

I teach 4 year-olds at 11-hope to see you around. Just to warn you, after running around for an hour and a half, a Sunday afternoon nap is a must!

12:50 PM

Blogger Kristen said...

Very cool video. (I heart Penn and Teller.)

I'm excited for your new opportunities, MA!

RYC-You totally convinced me to go. :)

9:59 AM


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