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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's Good Enough For Me

One day, when I have a Sugar Daddy, I will not work in Corporate America. Instead, I will bake cookies. I will try every recipe from Gourmet's glossary of favorite cookies from every year since 1941. I will make Sugar Shuttles, Pine Nut Macaroons, and Mini Linzers with raspberry jam. I will use stainless steel measuring cups, an antique mixing bowl and a wooden spoon. My flour and sugar will be displayed in neatly labeled cannisters on my kitchen counter. When my cookies cool, I will wrap up half for my family for after dinner, and half for the next-door neighbors. That is all for now.


Anonymous natalie said...

haha, oh man I am cracking UP over here. I LOVE you!! I am going to live next door and specialize in pies.

10:08 PM


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