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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mary Anna: The Movie

Never, would I have ever, thought that two simple boxes would yield such sadness, irony and amusement. Tonight, I learned that someone that should care, doesn't, and someone that shouldn't care, does.

After this realization, tears and an attempt to nap some of the shock of it off, I walked downstairs and told Amy what happened. She laughed while I sobbed. And I laughed with her too. It's funny. And incredibly disappointing, all at the same time. And oh, the irony. The irony.

Amy commented that "this" is something that would happen in a movie about a single girl. I sarcastically replied that if my life is a romantic comedy, then surely I'm supposed to stumble upon my Prince Charming in the next scene. And by stumble, I mean something creative and awkward like knocking over the canned goods at the grocery store, or getting stuck in the revolving doors at the bookstore. And then he will appear and help me up from the pile of canned artichokes and we'll ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after.

You all should consider yourself lucky. Movies nowadays cost upwards of nine bucks. Folks, this movie is free.


Blogger TBSE said...

i'm in awe of how smart and witty we really are, including that conversation last night. our lives would make a really good movie except for the fact that the ending is still unknown... prince charming here we come... canned goods and all. ames

10:20 AM

Blogger Rhonda Lu said...

Except I have no idea what the movie was about so I want my money back.

7:38 PM


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