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Monday, March 17, 2008

The Legend of the Menagerie

My life feels almost as if it's starting to get back to normal after three months of insanity. I reluctantly took last Thursday and Friday off work (despite that I haven't had a vacation day since July 2007 and have a huge bank of time to use for 2008) because I knew I'd come back to a huge workload, but it was completely worth it.

I spent my time on Thursday and Friday unpacking, cleaning, dealing with drama from our contractors and maintenance issues, errand running, and the like. But by the time Friday afternoon rolled around, I was ready for some fun and relaxation and the arrival of the Menagerie for our annual girls weekend.

Tina was the first one to arrive, and she and I spent some valuable catch-up time together while we waited on Ashley to meet-up with us. The three of us had dinner that evening at Agave Tequila Lounge, a new trendy restaurant just off downtown on 12 South. The food was fabulous, and Tina and I took advantage of Ash's Lent resolutions and made her our DD for the evening. The margaritas are expensive, but oh-so-delicious. We had a wonderful time, and lots of giggles, mostly at my expense with a "panty" predicament.

After dinner, the three of us headed over to Demonbreun to the Tin Roof, and got hit on by a few middle-aged married men. Nice. Picken's are slim, ladies. If it's not the married men, it's the Nashville metrosexuals in their bedazzled jeans and titty shirts. Needless to say, we didn't stick around very long. Nashville is in dire need of a 21-and-up martini bar or upscale lounge that isn't a primarily a fine restaurant or a honky tonk. Because Nashville is the "Athens of the South," the college kiddies have stolen the hip nightlife and turned it into a primordial meat market.

Saturday morning, we met the rest of the crew (sans Ginny in Dalton because lil' Mil was ill) at Wolfgang Puck Express in Cool Springs. We got some horrible news on arrival from one of the gals, and spent a few minutes in sadness and sympathy before lunch. It's a good thing our friendship is so strong, because the next couple of months are going to be tough for one gal who's going through some hard times right now. It felt really good to be there for her on Saturday and take her mind off things. And I can't wait to see how God is going to work in this situation---I think it's going to be a faith builder for us all.

After lunch, we headed over to A Moment's Peace and Avanti Nail Spa for some rest and relaxation. I had an hour-long massage, and then an RS2 facial. The massage was good, but I had a difficult time turning off my brain from all that's gone on during the past weeks. My facial was fabulous, and I was so much more relaxed during that procedure. My face has been very angry lately with all the stress I've been under, and this treatment helped out my roseacea-related acne. I could tell a noticable difference when I walked out---my face was lighter, more evenly toned, and even my blemishes were soothed.

After our last stop for manicures and pedicures, the group of us traveled back to my house in 12 South to get ready for dinner. Our reservation was for 8 p.m. at Mambu, a meditteranean-asian fusion restaurant in West End. The seven of us (missing Gin, Court and Katie at that point) spent two hours laughing about the four scandalous years we spent in ADPi, and how the current chapter still talks about the "legend of the Menagerie." Coincidentally, I was unpacking some boxes on Thursday night, and came across several pages of notes and letters we'd sent to each other our senior year, noting everyone's funny personality traits and hilarious stories. We took some time to read these to each other, and teared up at some really special memories we held together. Ashley introduced us to her new pronunciation of ghetto, "jah-het-toe," and I poked at Tina from Queens, "I know, riiiiiiiight?" Our night would not be complete if Christa didn't probe around in our personal lives, and ask those questions that you only feel comfortable answering in the company of people who love your good and challenge your bad.

Two-and-a-half hours later, our evening ended, and it was time for the most of us to part ways for awhile. I am humbled and thankful that God placed these friends in my life, and that He has sustained us through ups and downs for almost a decade. We are a special group of women, special to each other. Next year, West Palm!

As I reflected on all of this Sunday afternoon, I realized how much I needed a weekend of peace. I wasn't dreading work on Monday morning because of everything that's been weighing me down in my personal life. And I had some time to take care of some very important tasks, including booking hotel for Paris!!!


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