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Monday, April 7, 2008

A Mile of someone else's shoes

Not that it's important... But, have you ever wondered why the interstate seems to be a magnet for abandoned shoes?

I was driving home from church yesterday, and in the middle of the road was a brand-spanking-white, new high-top Nike sneaker. It was a really nice basketball shoe, and probably included some sort of bubble, pump, or MJ AIR logo, as most Nike basketball shoes do. It was just sitting there, all lonely, wondering why its owner had chosen abandonment.

So, what is this all about? I vividly remember recently seeing a pair of black spike heels resting on the shoulder of the interstate, and wondering the same thing.

I've been traveling Tennessee backroads, city stretches, highways, and interstates for almost 27 years now. And never, not once, not ever, have I lost one or more of my footgear to a concrete thoroughfare. Granted, I don't drive or ride with my feet hanging out the window (mind you, people do this!)...

Anyone care to shed some light on this? Has this ever happened to you (spotting a stray shoe, not losing one---if you've lost one, I don't think you want me to know about it, lest I call you "white trash")?


Blogger Kristen said...

I can imagine losing a flip-flop while dangling your feet out the window, but a set of heels or sneakers? Seems odd...

11:23 AM

Blogger Amanda Bradley said...

hmm, and the white sneaker literally was white trash... clever girl

2:04 PM


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