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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Things that make me happy today.

Yes, I was angry last night. Still am slightly. I want my blog to be a place that can withstand one of my rants if need be---but I don't like to let negativity sit at the top for too long. So, here are some things in life that are making me happy right now:

Avon's Mark Self Sanctuary Fig Basil Perfume

The scent is unlike anything I've ever smelled before and is different than the florals that I normally wear. It's earthy, yet classy. I don't wear it often, primarily because I have to be in the correct frame of mind. It takes a strong mood to carry this scent off, which is exactly why I'm wearing it today. And what's even more amazing? It came from Avon. Sorry gals, it's discontinued.

My London & Paris Itinerary

Siebe and I spent last weekend hammering an outline of how we will spend ten days overseas. I leave in less than a month. And the drama will stay behind.

Stella the Puppa

I'm dogsitting this weekend. I love to dogsit. Stella is so much fun and she loves unconditionally. I'm hoping for pretty weather so we can go to the park and scope out some mens.

Clean Windows

We've been begging our landlord for months now to complete our list of maintenance issues at the house. Our windows never got cleaned before we moved in, and literally had a thick, slimy layer of contractor dust caked onto them. Well, I walked into the house yesterday and saw that a cleaning crew had come and completely erased any remainder of dust on every single window in the place. Even the windows 25 feet high in our kitchen. Amy and I thought the windows on our garage door were frosted---but no, they were just dirty.

Low Gas Bill

When Amy got our gas bill yesterday, the three of us were preparing for the worst. It'd been on high power for February, and we were expecting hundreds of dollars in damage. I cringed when she ripped it out of the envelope. Amy erupted joyously because our bill was only $156.00! Incredible! Especially since the window cleaning guy found out that our two top windows in the kitchen were open, virtually letting our heat out.

Book Club Tonight

I missed February's meeting because I was celebrating Mom's birthday, and I didn't realize until then how much I love this monthly activity! Em's making "the New Engagement Chicken" and I'll get to spend time with some gals that I love dearly, yet only see a couple times a month. And we get to play "Robert's Rules of Order," and that's always fun for me.

New Work Friends

I'd been praying for this for a long time, and God answered prayer.

Dwight Schrute

If you know what this is about, he's back. I won't go into how I expect he was victimized, but he's floated back to the top of the water like the axhead. See 2 Kings 6:1-6. My Bible study gals are probably crackin' up right now.


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