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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

60 Seconds

I'm dying to get that negativity off the top of my blog, but I'm slammed right now. So, here's a 60-second teaser of what's going on this week:

Tonight I'm headed to Murfreesboro for the birth of my best friend's first baby. I'm SO excited!!!

Tomorrow night, I'm grocery shopping for my Tastefully Simple party that I'm hosting on Sunday, and for the Thanksgiving dinner we're having for my homeless friends on Tuesday, and for Thanksgiving next Thursday. I'd like to go to yoga Wednesday night too, but the only bending and twisting I may be doing is reaching for the canned pumpkin on the bottom shelf.

Thursday evening, I'll be frantically cleaning my apartment in anticipation of the Tastefully Simple party I'm hosting on Sunday. As much as I abhor the thoughts of my Thursday night plans, I know that my soul will be at peace after my floors are "shining like the top of the Chrysler Building."

I have a hot date Friday night.

I'm cooking all day on Saturday, doing a bit of Christmas shopping, and celebrating the birthdays of Siebe and Lana at Cabana Saturday night.

I could go on, but I'll stop there. Surely something in the days to come will provide me with enough fodder to pull myself out of this blogging mire. To be continued...


Blogger thesciencegirl said...

Now that's my idea of a good week: pumpkin pie, shopping, a party, and a hot date. :D

6:24 PM

Blogger Amanda said...

glad your spirits are lifting! Can't wait to see you Saturday :o)

10:45 AM


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