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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lettuce Eat.

As if Cool Springs needs another fast-casual dining restaurant, tossed will open soon on Aspen Grove corner. I really can't complain---I love food, especially when it's prepared with thought and originality. And this NYC-based salad establishment claims that salads are fashionable. A little research turned up an offering of more than 26 dressings, and tossed even has a selection of crepes, with Nutella on the menu.

As each day passes, I sit at the stoplight at the end of my road and notice the latest contribution made toward the open of tossed. I predict that Lana and I will dine on frou-frou salads very soon...


Blogger Sarah said...

This sounds like a DREAM!! I want one ::insert requisite Sarah Scott pouty-face::

See, I do remember where blogger is!

2:33 PM


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