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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

'Da Cubs.

Today, I bought Cubs tickets for the trip Amanda and I are taking to Chicago in mid-July. I am beside myself with excitement, not only because it will be my first live Cubbies game (hard to believe, but true; freakish circumstances thwarted previous attempts)---but also because it's Carlos Zambrano bobblehead day.

And get this----Among the 10,000 recipients of the CZ bobblehead, 10 fans will also win an exclusive bobblehead doll created in their likeness. Can you imagine? My own bobblehead. Dwight Shrute better watch out. Serious Brown is gonna be-bop her bobblehead all up in Chi-Town.


Blogger thesciencegirl said...

My friend is visiting me in Chicago next week and we wanted to go to a Cubs game, but there will be no home games while she's here. :(

6:27 PM

Blogger Amanda said...

cannot wait MA- it's going to be a blast. Maybe the president of your company won his bobblehead at a Cubs game. Maybe you should ask him ;o)

1:51 PM


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