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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sweet Basil

The best thing that happened to me today came on a wooden stick and was wrapped in plastic cellophane. It was mint green and had fragrant and floral flecks of fresh basil speckled throughout its velvety-smooth, delicately sweet, vanilla base. The little nugget of joy that made me delight in my day was a Basil popsicle from 12th South's Las Paletas.

Las Paletas, owned by Guadalajaran sisters, serves Mexican-inspired, gourmet popsicles in a wide variety of different flavors, including hibiscus, prickly pear, chili-cucumber, hot chocolate, rosepetal, Mexican caramel, coffee, chocolate with hot peppers, and all of your traditional fruity flavors too. And by flavors, I don't mean any of those artificial sugar alcohols that are made from ingredients that include the suffix --xyine or --enzate. These popsicles are 100% all naturale and are packed with chunks of fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts and spices.

My Basil creation tasted like a fresh caprese salad with dessert rolled into one. And since I worked through my lunch break today, the little gem strangely satisfied like a meal.


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