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Friday, February 16, 2007

For the Love

No doubt by now, many of you have heard the news that Live Nation dropped their 2007 summer concert series and announced recently that Starwood Ampitheatre, Nashville's only outdoor venue, is being sold to a "non-entertainment industry" developer. Our beloved venue will likely be bulldozed for a grocery store or condo development.

Does this upset anyone else as much as it does me? If you are one of the Queen MAB Faithful, and you followed the 2006 Queen MAB Concert Series, you'd know that I spent many warm (and some chilly) nights on the Starwood grass hill, and even bebopping against the security fence at the front of the stage. I can't imagine what Nashville looks like without an outdoor venue, and I certainly can't imagine relocating the regular outdoor acts that come to Nashville each year to the vapid and hollow GEC.

If Starwood closes, it will join the souls of defunct Nashville concert venues including 328 Performance Hall, and will put an end to yearly festivals just like other Nashville bygones including Riverstages, Dancin' in the District, The Uptown Mix, and the SoBro Summer Concert Series.

What's happening to Music City???

In a grassroots effort to save Starwood, music lovers around the Nashville and Middle Tennessee area are uniting. If you'd like to be a part of the movement, visit HERE to sign the petition to SAVE STARWOOD.

Visit the SAVE STARWOOD MySpace page for the latest updates.

Visit the Live Nation MySpace page to [kindly] voice your complaints about their decision to close Starwood.

A sorority sister of mine from college, Kim K., is deeply involved in the effort. Visit HERE, and read her inspirational and sentimental blogs about Starwood.

And, for the love of Music City, please go sign the petition.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No. . .they cannot do that. I saw all of my shows at Starwood before I was 21. Do they have anything that does all ages shows like that? My first concert ever was there. . .NKOTB. My love for music definetely grew because of that venue.


2:21 PM

Anonymous Marcie said...

I don't know what Live Nation was thinking. My first concert I ever saw was there. Amy Grant. I signed the petition but big business has never cared about what people want. I wonder if anyone else feels powerless to stop it.

2:25 PM

Anonymous Kim Kramer said...

Thank you for the love my dear!
I am fearful that the worst is inevitable, but as previously mentioned... we aren't going down without a fight!

Thanks for your support!

Also, surprisingly enough, I got an email from Live Naiton today. It is posted in my blog.

4:53 PM


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