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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Toxic Pangs

Dictionary.com describes a "pang" as "a sudden feeling of mental or emotional distress or longing." I just had a pang.

I really miss someone right now, despite their high toxicity level and my own assuredness of making the right decision. I made the mistake of listening to a particular album, one that could be a biographical account of my summer-through-fall of 06. I'm such a masochist for allowing myself to listen to this.

I am a strong girl, and this too shall pass. I'm going to go to bed and sleep it off. Goodnight.


Blogger Kristen said...

I get similar pangs when I listen to a certain U2 album...understandable. Hang in there, dudette.

10:33 AM

Blogger emmysue said...

I totally understand. I've been having pangs all week.

1:36 PM

Blogger Sarah said...

"Memory is like a grammar lesson: we find the present tense and the past perfect."

Call me if you need to chit, chat, or any other form of vent-ation. Love you!!

1:31 PM

Blogger Amanda said...

I'm still in the masochist phase... I have no room to dish out advice, but I love you, and am proud of you for sticking to your guns and remaining strong.

2:29 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you are going through a tough time. I've been there believe me. It's hard to let go of something/someone especially when they are like a yummy dessert. You can't wait to have it. Then when it you get it, you usually feel guilty for having it because it's bad for you.

2:47 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry that comment was me--Tina

2:47 PM


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