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Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Year of Mary Anna

Tonight, I love being single. I'm watching a Sex and the City rerun on TBS. It's the episode where Carrie and the gang are invited to Bitsy Von Muffling's wedding. Carrie finds out that Jack Berger broke up with his girlfriend and they make a connection. Aside from Big, Berger (Ron Livingston) is my favorite Carrie Bradshaw boyfriend. Even moreso than Aidan. Berger is sufficiently nerdy-yet-witty, for my taste.

I'm drinking Lipton's new Pyramids in White Tea with Island Mango and Peach. The flavor is great, but the gossamer mesh tea infusers aren't as good in quality as Tea Forte brand. Quite a bit of sediment is floating at the bottom of my mug, but for the price, they're a decent value.

I'm sitting on my couch. Kip is propped up on my left leg, and Jack the B.C. is stationed on my right leg. He's following the mouse cursor across the screen and is mildly entertained.

I cooked tonight for the first time in a long time. I made Picante Chicken and asparagus. I often forget how much I love to cook until I'm able to pick it back up again. I'm very possessive of my time right now. Last year, I gave all of my time to other people. When I went to use some time for myself, it wasn't there. I won't make the same mistake this year. This year, I will cook.

I will also knit. A lot. I have been knitting for two years now, and I only know one stitch. I've made approximately 25 to 30 scarves during this time, yet only one of them was for yours truly. This year, I will learn to purl. And I will learn to make a baby blanket or mittens.

I've been doing a bit of pre-spring purging in the Aspen Bungalow. With the purge went some picture frames that I'd had since high school. You know, the ones with smiley-faced flowers and declarations like "Best Friends." I'd been hanging on to them out of convention. I always put off buying things like nice picture frames because my life, as it is now, isn't "permanent." You buy "permanent" things for your "home" when you get married and have wedding photos and kid portraits from Olan Mills. Well folks, I finally got tired of pretending like my life isn't permanent. It is what it is---and that means that I went to Hobby Lobby tonight and bought a stack of new picture frames for my apartment.

Monday night, I made a comment to Sarah that my New Year's resolution is to focus strictly on myself. I said it's like the Seinfeld episode, where George gets a severance package from the Yankees, and decides to pursue his own interests (like eating a block of cheese while watching tv partially nude). He declares it "the Summer of George!" I tell Sarah, "it's the Year of Mary Anna!"

Things may change tomorrow, but at 10:34 p.m. CST, I'm happy. And I'm done blogging for the evening, just in time for another rerun of SATC, this time on ABC. It's the episode where Carrie and Samantha travel to San Francisco via train for Carrie's book signing. When they get there, Carrie realizes that she's "opening" for Mr. Winkle. Everytime I see Mr. Winkle, I think of my good friends, Amy and Nathan. They have a pomeranian, named Sampson, who I think resembles Mr. Winkle. Nathan doesn't believe that Mr. Winkle is a real dog, and it was a hotly debated topic of ours in the past. Not to mention, Nathan doesn't like me to compare Sampson to Mr. Winkle because of Mr. Winkle's obvious deformities.

That is all.


Blogger lauren said...

I couldnt get over Berger being threatened by Carrie's book deal (rather immature) and last but not least, breaking up with her on a post-it. I dunno, I hated all her boyfriends except Big. And I absolutely love Big, despite his flaws, which are many.

Here is my breakdown: Aiden is a good man but I dont think he truly forgave Carrie, and for that I hate him. I dont find any redeeming qualities about Berger (sorry!). Petrovsky was a hopeless romantic, and did so in style, and for this, I loved him. But not so good on the follow-through. In fact, deplorable is the word. And for this I hated him. Big just needed to see what he missed, and what he settled for when he married Natasha, and I think he truly redeemed himself in the end, although he did act like the typical male many a time. But I love him.

OK time to get to work. ha.

10:13 AM

Blogger thesciencegirl said...

I watch SATC reruns most nights. I like how they're censored for regular tv. :) I never liked Berger; he strikes me as kind of a man-child (petulant, self-centered, immature). I like Big, even though he also kind of pisses me off because he has the most power to hurt Carrie, and he does it a lot over the years. He reminds me of a man (THE man, I guess) in my oldest sister's life.. except 20 years in, he hasn't realized what he has in her, and so, she's had all the ups&downs without the happy ending. I always liked Aidan. He's hot. :D I liked the David Duchovny mental-patient character too. tee hee

11:44 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

it is too funny that you mentioned mr. winkle. bart and i were in barnes & noble the other day and he (mr. winkle, not bart) was on the cover of a magazine. we had a 20 minute "discussion" on whether or not he was really. beyond that, i am so proud of you for taking some much needed and deserved "you" time. it is a testament to your character that you can allow yourself to enjoy your own company. much love and best wishes this new year.

12:41 PM

Blogger ellen said...

Hey Mary Anna, sorry I didn't get to see you when I was in town, but I'm glad to hear that you're off to a great 2007...have a great weekend! :)

1:23 PM

Blogger Kristen said...

Happy New Mary Anna Year!

(I like Berger just for the cuteness factor.)

6:40 PM

Anonymous Marcie said...

I often miss living alone when I would watch my dvd's of SATC all night long, while drinking green tea. I watched the entire series and then started over again. I didn't have cable. Now we have digital cable and on demand. I definitely had the tv off more back then! Living alone was the greatest thing I could have done before I got married. I am proud that you're taking time for yourself. What good are you to other people if you aren't good to yourself?

2:44 PM


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