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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Good. Great?

In twelve days, I will turn 28 years old, but I still feel like I'm 13 sometimes. Thirteen was my heinous age. I was in seventh grade, and it was hellacious. That "flailing" feeling is haunting me lately. I'm struggling to find my purpose, my place.

I realized this week that I'm "good" at a lot of things, but not "great" at much. My execution as an overachiever has never fallen short, but it's only because of my extra effort---not natural ability. For instance, I'm can knit a pretty scarf, but only using one continuous stitch. I can entertain you with my blogging, but I can't seem to get any freelance work.

Maybe this is also the way I feel when it comes to my dating relationships. I'll do, but I'm not the first choice. I want to be someone's "great."

I promise I'm not knocking myself. I happen to really like me. And I am well aware of my "greatness" and worth in the eyes of my Lord. Don't you dare try to throw me a pity party. Life can't always be peaches and cream, and I guess that's okay. It's reality, anyway.


Blogger emmysue said...

Have you ever heard Amy talk about her 80% rule?

10:22 AM

Blogger thesciencegirl said...

For what it's worth, I think you're a great writer, and I would read your column if you wrote one.

I feel you on the wanting to be someone's "great."

11:06 AM

Blogger Rhonda said...

I love you MA and your honesty here. And I love my Mary Annc scarf :) To lighten the mood, in the words of the great Matthew McCaughnehey, "What if what I think is great, really is great, but not AS great as something...greater?" (Name that movie winner gets a shiny silver dollar.)

7:55 PM


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