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Monday, February 23, 2009


I just dropped a bottle of Sally Hansen's Laquer Shine Nail Color in Dazzling on my light-beige tiled bathroom floor. It shattered into about five large pieces, and lots of little pieces. Of course, the electric red contents of the bottle splashed all over the floor, on the baseboard, on my cabinet. My bathroom looked like a crime scene. I had to dispose of the evidence. While I managed to get the floor clean, I somehow got red nail polish under my nails, in the creases of my hand, and even some on my forehead. Guilty as charged.


Blogger Courtney Baker said...

Ha! That is so funny.

I actually did something similar when I was in middle school. However, it was on the carpet beside my bed. For the rest of my time at home, I had a small rug beside my bed. It kind of looked like I needed to wipe my feet before I got into bed.

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