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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hat Trick

I've come to understand that it's the simple things in life that make me very happy. For example, the gift Siebe surprised me with before Bible Study tonight. It's a single serving pack of Nutella, in the shape of the original jar. Could my heart sing any louder? It doesn't take much, folks...

In true Tennessee tradition, it was in the mid-60s and sunny on this first day of February. Tonight, it's supposed to flurry. But, I sure did enjoy the warmth it while it was here. Emily and I had tea this afternoon al fresco at Provence. It was windy, and with people walking up and down the cobblestone, it felt like we were in Paris for a few moments.

Today is the third birthday of the Queen MAB Manifesto. It's hard to believe that what began as an escape from work boredom, became a huge part of my life. While my blogging can be egocentric, narcissistic, and self-indulgent, it humbles me greatly that you care enough to read during the good, the bad, and the ugly. Thank you for spending a few minutes with me each week as I journey through my twenties.


Blogger thesciencegirl said...

Happy Blogiversary! I always enjoy your blog, and I'm glad you've kept it up. And I am insanely jealous that it was warm enough to dine al fresco. That sounds heavenly.

9:11 AM

Blogger Courtney Baker said...

Thank you for letting me experience Nutella. Now I can adequately share in your excitment.

Oh and I still can't see the words on your blog. Too bad your friend is too lazy to make you a new blog header.

9:10 AM


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