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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring Thaw

It's been more than a week since I've blogged, so I'll make up for it in one post...

The dates of my mission trip were set last week: July 11 - 19. I will be traveling to Los Angeles to spend a week fellowshipping with the homeless in the Skid Row area. Skid Row is a four-block district of downtown LA, home to the largest homeless population in the United States. Last Sunday night, I was privileged to meet the pastor of Set Free Skid Row Church and learn more about his ministry. Not only will I be able to serve alongside him in July, but my church is planning a homeless church plant for Nashville, based on the model created by SFSR Church. Expect to hear a lot about this in the coming months.

I went to the ENT doctor on Friday in an attempt to officially diagnose my recurring sinusitus. For years, I've blamed my crud on my ping-pong sized tonsils (or the weather), and so I was convinced that eradicating the suckers would be the answer to all my problems. My ENT feels otherwise. After describing my symptoms, he believes that it's not my tonsils, but my sinuses. He asked me how I felt on that particular day, and I replied, "fine, no issues." He laughed, and told me that was hard to believe, as my sinuses appear to be 100 percent blocked. So, this is my normal. Anyway, I have to get a CT scan at the end of the month to map my sinus cavity and determine if I have any polyps.

On another note, I encountered an opportunity last week that I am not at liberty to discuss in the blogosphere at the moment. It's possibly a large risk, but also has the potential to yield great reward and results in the future. I won't lie...I'm rather fearful about it, and am praying for discernment as all of this unfolds. More to come soon, hopefully.

Saturday night, I worked a fundraising event for Emily's employer. One-half of Montgomery Gentry was in attendance at the event, but heck if I knew it. I registered Troy Gentry, and for all I cared, he was just another schmuck with a fat wallet. I even asked him for his last name, and then I confirmed with a "Troy?" as I pulled the file folder. Am I the only one in Nashville that couldn't pick Troy Gentry out of a line-up?

This weekend, I realized that I am now out of three of my beloved lip glosses. The first, is Paul & Joe's 05 lip gloss, in a mauvy-rose-brown. While 05 still exists, the color changed. And my similar red-sparkly shades of Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lip gloss in "Oatstanding" and Tutti Dolci lip gloss in "Apple Torta" are running extremely low. The problem? All of them are discontinued. Sigh...

As winter comes to a close, and an influx of early-spring warmth, I've become a little discontent with my singleness. It always happens to me this time of year. I'm lonely. To quote Al Green, "I'm so tired of being alone."


Blogger Courtney Baker said...

Stickles - the greatest glitter substance ever. Yea, basically it's glorified glitter glue.

8:06 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your blog. :)

1:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was Tina :)

1:58 PM

Blogger Amanda Vilendrer said...

hey pretty lady... i'm in the final countdown of the wedding this week, but would LOVE to see you again before I go. Maybe we could do lunch/dinner next week, or perhaps I can swing by the house one evening. I'd love to see your other roomies too.

3:57 PM


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