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Friday, April 13, 2007

Turkish Delight

I've said it before, I'll say it again: today was a really great day. Not just great--Fabulous. It was one of the best days I've had in a very long time, and it's definitely the best birthday I've had in several years. It might quite possibly be the best birthday I've had in my entire life. As Gary Chapman would say, my "love tank" is full, and slightly overflowing.

Before I left It's a Grind today, two guys walked in the door. One of them recognized a guy that was plugged in next to me, and began talking to him. About two or three minutes into their conversation, the guy standing looks at me and says, "are you Mary Anna?" Um... never laid eyes on this guy before. He says, "it's your birthday, isn't it!" Reeling in my chair now. I stammer out a response, and he says, "you're Amanda's friend, aren't you!" Um... yes, Mr. Stalker-guy. Before I can compose myself, he tells me that he works two cubicles over from Amanda at work. This morning, she mentioned to him that she and Em cooked me breakfast for my birthday, and she showed him a picture. So randomly, he recognized me. Talk about a small world. And while I'm still trying to shake off the shock and regain my composure, the entire coffee shop is echoing "happy birthdays" all around. Slightly embarrassing, yet nice. It's weird to feel special when a group of complete strangers wishes you birthday greetings.

I headed over to Royal Thai to have lunch with Amanda. We laughed our way through our starch, commenting about the state of all the dumbass boys we know. Errand time involved a stop at Target, and a visit to my eye doctor, to pick up my new contact lenses. Ironically enough, there was a minor snafu at the eye doctor, when I was delivered an order of contacts for another "Mary Brown." What are the odds that two Mary Browns' had contacts on hold at my eye doctor? Strange. My pedicure was next, and it was a different experience to visit my nail place during the day, with all the moms. Throughout all of the craziness, I managed to somehow pack my suitcase for Vegas.

Later in the evening, Sarah picked me up and we headed to the OHB Waff to meet some of the gals for my Birthday Extravaganza at Anatolia Turkish Restaurant. On the way over, Sarah tells us this hi-larious story about an unfortunate lady and her social awkwardness, involving attempts at Office and Snoop Dogg themed humor. In an effort to encourage Miss Scott to return to the blogosphere, I'm holding her accountable to post this story on "The Truth About Goldilocks," no later than April 30th.

We arrived at Anatolia, were seated in our private room, and eventually joined by the remaining members of our party. Two of the restaurant's sampler platters of stuffed grape leaves, fried phyllo sticks, and hummas, were devoured. Rhonda offers any one of us $2 to order the turkey and dressing (which obviously doesn't exist on a Turkish menu). For dinner, I had the Mixed Grill, a sampling of chicken kabobs, lamb kabobs, lamb chops, and lamburger, along with grilled veggies and basmati rice.

L to R: Amy, Sarah, Mandy, Siebe, Emily, Rhonda, MA, Katie, Natalie

The nine of us giggled through our meal, and several of the Turkish newbies actually tried lamb for the first time! Somehow we get on the subject of Anderson Cooper, that stone fox that he is, and someone mentions that he's gay. I'd never been privy to this knowledge before tonight, and I was shocked and disappointed at such a waste of a handsome man. I said, "you know, his Mom is Gloria Vanderbilt. It makes sense. It must be in his genes...get it? Jeans?" Anyway, it brought back some fun memories of watching Anderson and Lisa Ling on Channel One in middle school and high school.

Despite my clear instructions to refrain from showering me with birthday gifts, my friends did not listen. Thanks to them, I am going to Vegas with a fat Sephora gift card and when I come home, I'll have a day at the spa with services of my choosing.

Our meal is rounded out by baklava, rice pudding, and a traditional Turkish dessert called "Kanefe," which was served to me with the lights out and a birthday candle. The "Kanefe" wasn't a huge hit, but the baklava was gone in seconds.

In the process of paying our checks, one of us was hit on by our waiter. Her name will not be disclosed to protect the innocent. Anyway, our waiter slipped her a note in her check folder, asking her out. She was more than a little taken aback, but handled his rejection gracefully, tactfully and discreetly. But the minute that the rest of us found out, we were cackling about it all the way home.

I love my sweet, dear friends. Their presence tonight meant a lot to me.

Top: Siebe, Amy, Natalie, Emily, MA

Bottom: Katie, Mandy Rhonda, Sarah


Blogger Amanda said...

Glad you had a wonderful birthday- you definitely deserve it! I'm so sorry I wasn't able to be at the dinner. It looks and sounds like you had a great time. And as far as being stalked in coffee shops, I know people, kid. Stick with me, and you'll go far!my next to list item: spend time in coffee shops to meet artsy guys!

8:40 AM

Anonymous Katie said...

It was so much fun to be there with you to celebrate last night! I'm glad you had a great time and the food was wonderful too!

9:11 AM

Blogger Kristen said...

You are lucky to have such good friends! So...what's your love language, baby? That's like the Christian equivilent of "What's your sign?" LOL

BTW, Cooper has never confirmed that he is gay. So...

1:13 PM


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