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Monday, August 21, 2006

I can't help it if I'm an all-day person!

It's becoming something of a trend that I spend my weekends outside the state of Tennessee. I really can't complain---afterall, I'm so incredibly popular and people are vying for my attention. It's my bound duty to comply. But seriously, I didn't see the inside walls of my apartment at all this weekend. I did, however, share one teeny-tiny bathroom with seven other women. A brothel, you ask? Why no!

Friday evening, chaffeured by Rhonda's new (and I must say, quite fun) boyfriend Joe, Rhonda, Mandy, Amanda and I made the trek up to Hardin, Kentucky, to spend the weekend at Jonathan Creek Camp on Lake Barkley, for the 2006 BBC Singles Retreat. We were all a bit wired on the drive up. Blame it on the processed-brownie-bites-Sonic-Blast we shared, but I attribute it to old-fashioned excitement.

A few notable moments and highlights from the weekend:

  • Adding another witty idiom to the arsenal: "Oh ya, well Christ died for you, so top that!"
  • Attempting (unsuccessfully) to pick the locks of the extra bathrooms in our lodge, upon the realization that we only had one per seven girls.
  • Beating the boys team in a highly competitive and physical game of Guesstures.
  • "I'm not a morning person, I'm an all-day person. I can't help it if I'm an all-day person. Not all of us can be all-day people."
  • Middle-school, cafeteria-style pizza, tater-tots, chocolate pudding, and the ever-famous, soybean burger.
  • Balancing precariously on shaky wires during the "Mohawk Walk" ropes course, and feeling a genuine sense of accomplishment when our last team member tagged the final checkpoint.
  • Pool volleyball and basketball.
  • Casting away the "stones" in my life.
  • Amanda and I paying homage to Nelly in an inspiring rendition of "Number One."
  • My successful description of an "enema," passing the CatchPhrase disc to Aaron Bryant just before the buzzer went off.
  • Turning the hot water off in the guys lodge (the culprits shall remain nameless) so that they'd wake up in the morning to cold showers. Chris Choate being falsely accused of the prank, and awakened by the pain and the sound of a series of wet towels being popped on his rear.
  • Joe spotting a leopard, Amanda's unfortunate accident, and many other stories for the ride home.
Rainbow-Brite Gals
Amanda, Mandy, Rhonda, MA, Lisa, Jennifer


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