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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Evening Musing

The first frost of the season arrived last night and was waiting for me on my windshield this morning when I left for church. I've been counting the trees along the OHB corridor of I-65 as their leaves change. This morning, the number went up significantly.

This afternoon was the Menagerie's annual Family Day at Barfield Cresent Park in Murfreesboro. I've known these girls for ten years, and remember when they were all dating their husbands and having their babies. I'm so humbled at how our love for each other continues to grow despite how different all of our lives are. And I don't know that my sweet friends realize how much I love their husbands and their babies too. I won't lie...I envy (albeit affectionately) their life stage, as I continue along in my singleness. But, it's hard to be bitter when I get to share my Capri Sun with my best friend's 2-year old daughter...especially when she grins at me and says, "mmmmmmmmmm."

Twice today, I had to drive past a sign that marks my past. Twice, I was reminded of how God has redeemed, freed, and transformed me!

I've used up my Boscia sample completely, and I'm not exactly taken. The product delivered on the cleansing, but it contains some kind of menthol ingredient that makes my eyes red. I've moved to the Origins product now. It smells a little like patchouli, which I dont mind, but I miss the citrus scent of the Lancome product. I tried to get a sample of the Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil at the Belk counter last Thursday, but they were out of sample jars. At some point, anyway.

The past week was such a relaxing vacation. Seriously, I haven't thought about work at all, and even kind of forgot it existed. Here's why:


Anonymous Mom said...

Was my pic not blog worthy? You weren't the only bathing beauty!

7:08 PM

Blogger Kristen said...

You are too freaking cute. Thanks for the product updates, too. :)

10:35 PM

Blogger Amanda Vilendrer said...

where have you gone, Blogging Queen?? I miss you!

8:14 AM


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