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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Autumnal Nostalgia

We're officially five days into my favorite season of the year, yet today was the first day that actually felt like autumn. All of this rain we've been having has suppressed the crisp air and amped up the humidity. The sun is finally back. So, what did I do to celebrate? I went to the pool. Steph and I spent three glorious hours in the sun and we barely broke a sweat. And, we managed to save a drowning grasshopper and kill two bumblebees with one stone. Just doing our part to make the world a better place.

An anomaly occurred Friday night, when all four of the foxes on Knox found ourselves without plans as of 8 p.m. So, we texted some girlfriends, piled in the car, and headed down to the theater in the hood to watch the late showing of Fame on opening night. As we entered the building, we saw five or so other gals we all knew with the same intention. Imagine that....a grand total of 13 single girls without dates on a Friday night. Shocker. Anyway, Fame was rather lame, but it was nice to get out of the house.

I got my London and Paris '08 photos organized this weekend. The plan is to build an album on Blurb. After carefully combing through thousands of pictures, only 300 made the cut. I'm envisioning a 150 page album, and thankfully, Blurb will accommodate in an economical fashion. So many other sites charge at least a dollar per page after 20. Ridiculous.

Bible study was at 50% tonight, as Siebe, Steph and I were the only ones in town. We just started a new study on the twelve apostles, with John MacArthur's Twelve Ordinary Men as our framework. One overriding characteristic of the twelve is how ordinary these men were. Christ didn't choose Jewish scholars on purpose...He wanted people that were weak, so His glorification couldn't be justified by human intention. We asked ourselves the question, "would Christ have chosen me, among His thousands of followers, to be His disciple?" That's a tough question to answer. I'm sure I wouldn't have been one of the twelve, based on my own pride and self-righteousness alone. As I'm seeing myself grow in my relationship with Christ, it's becoming evident that He's refining my impurities. It's a difficult process, but one I am thankful for. Lately, I find myself praying Psalm 139:22-24 often, albeit reluctantly.

One item on the agenda for the week... Find someone tall to hand wash my car. My assigned parking "spot" at the house happens to fall downwind of our big pine tree in the front yard. RJ is caked with sap, and on top of that, dirt. He's been through the automatic several times, but this is going to take some elbow grease. And, my 5'4 isn't able to see the roof, much less reach it.

A few minutes ago, I got an email newsletter from the alumnae relations chair of my Alpha Delta Pi chapter in college. Sorority recruitment was a couple of weeks ago, and seeing the pictures of all the shiny, happy coeds in their starchy letter shirts sent pangs of sweet nostalgia through my body. I remember running into the chapter room on bid day with my bid card in-hand, having no idea how impactful those four years of Greek life would be for me. Such a happy time, and what a great joy to look back exactly ten years ago, and realize that I met some of my "life" friends on that day.


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