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Thursday, July 16, 2009

When the Lights Go Down in the City

I have only a short update for you this evening, as I am leaving with the group in a few minutes to go to a LA Dodgers game. So excited for a hot dog and some MLB!

--We set out on the streets today to pass out fliers advertising the street fair we're hosting on Saturday. We'll close San Julian from 6th to 7th Avenue, and set-up free food vendors, clothing booths, a stage for live music and other entertainment, games, etc. I'm so excited about the opportunity to tell a lot of people about Jesus!

--The bulk of our time today was spent out on the streets and in Gladys Park. I met one man named Waterhouse (I know, right?), and as he rolled himself a fat doobie, he told me that he was a raggae drummer. I invited him out to come perform for us at the fair. I met another man named Twin. He looked like a gang-banger, but he was a poet, and an intellectual. He's also going to perform for us at the street fair. I didn't get to play chess today, as the guy with the chess set wasn't going to be at GP until later in the day. But I did get to talk with one of the chess players, a very nice guy named Bob. And I got to see a street-ball game, and was totally impressed.

--I found out today that Set Free Church attendance climbs monumentally the last week or so of the month. Why? The government checks have run out, and the money to buy drugs is gone. So, I hear that they come in droves and that the place becomes standing room only. Interesting how people turn to God when the "pleasures" of this world fail to provide for them.

--I didn't see Carla today. She was MIA. The more we've thought about it, the more we think that she might be demon-possessed. Or, maybe schizophrenic or MPD. Either way, it's evident that there's spiritual warfare going on inside her.

--We've been a little tickled this week at all of the "amens" and "brother/sister" and affirmations that are so freely admitted. And now we've found ourselves picking up on these words and phrases. Watch out BBC...Eric Fallati won't be the only one hollerin' on Sunday morning!

--I love getting to spend time with these men and women. The longer we are there, the more they are opening up to us. I'm hearing stories of painful childhoods, abuse, bad parenting, and so many other horrible things. No wonder they became so addicted to the things of this world. But I'm also hearing many stories of redemption and transformation. There are naysayers that believe that addicts are incorrigible. And while not everyone succeeds in breaking free of addiction, there are many that do. To see their passion is so inspiring.

More to come. Amen!


Blogger emmysue said...

Tru...tru. Love the updates, MAB. Can't wait to hear more. Praying for you!

8:32 PM

Blogger Rhonda said...

I'm loving your posts MA, and loving you :)

10:19 PM

Blogger Amanda Vilendrer said...

AY-Meeyan! Love you, MAB!

11:23 AM


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